Awkwafina: 6 Important Things To Know About The Rapper-Turned-Actress

She Plans To Continue To Make Music

Awkwafina got a big break when the 2012 video for “My Vag” went viral. It was a response to Mickey Avalon’s song “My Dick.” She then recorded a few other hits, including “NYC Bitche$” and “Green Tea.” “Green Tea” discusses Asian stereotypes and features comedian Margaret Cho. In 2014, Awkwafina produced an 11-track album called Yellow Ranger. In 2018, she released a seven-track EP called In Fina We Trust. Music is what Awkwafina is most passionate about, and she started listening to rap at 11. In an interview with The Ringer, Awkwafina mentioned that she has been making music since 16, and doing it all by herself: mixing, producing, and writing songs.

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