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The Touching Reason Netflix’s Over The Moon Is About Moving On After Loss

Loss is something that we’ve all dealt with. It’s one of the reasons so many films deal with the topic, as it’s one that anybody can relate to. And yet, it’s hard to imagine a single film with such a real connection to that theme. The story was written by somebody who knew they were dying, who had something very specific to say about how she wanted her family to move forward. Usually, movies deal with their themes in very general ways in order to be able to relate to the widest possible audience. And while many likely will be able to relate to Over the Moon, it’s message is very specific, and all the more emotional.

Contouring With Blush Isn’t as Crazy as It Sounds

“If you’re going to drape your blush, rather than right on the apples of the cheeks, move your blush placement back a bit to the top of your cheekbones, dusting the orbital bone and then up to the temples,” says Kasey Spickard, a makeup artist in New York. “Start by building your product slowly, you don’t want to go full ’80s with the intensity of the blush.”

If you’re more of a minimalist, you can stop at your cheekbones, but I usually like to take it up around my eyes (again, think that ‘C’ where we’ve been taught to put highlighter), and across the bridge of my nose like all the kids are doing on TikTok. No matter how much I apply, I always go over the edges with a clean beauty blender so there’s no harsh lines where the color starts and stops. 

One of my favorite things about this technique is how easy swapping the blush shade can change your whole face and vibe. For day to day, I like to use a nudey-rose color for a more natural sculpt—my favorite blush for this is Chanel’s Rose Bronze since its warm tones and slight shimmer act as my highlighter, blush, and bronzer in one. For summer I like to switch to more of a juicy terracotta shade, and if I look really dead or want to stay true to the ’80s vibe, a bright, cool pink is the only way to go. 

I prefer to use powder blushes for this technique since I find it easier to control, but Spickard recommends starting with a cream (he like the Jouer Blush and Bloom duos). “I buff out the cream super faintly as my base with fingers or a dense buffer brush,” he says. “Then I go back over the top of those with a powder blush of my choice.”

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Bronze

Haus Laboratories Head Rush Blush Duo in Rock n Rose

bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush in Call My Blush



Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff



Here I am, all draped up. 

Bella Cacciatore 

I know it sounds intense, but the result really does look so pretty and fresh. If anything, it’s better than crazy stripes of bronzer, right? 

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty associate at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

All 4 Welcome To The Blumhouse Movies, Ranked

The movie-going experience has been quite different than normal in October 2020, with the most high profile horror features being delayed, but don’t be mistaken – there is plenty of new, exciting genre content available for those who are looking for it. A perfect example of this is the series of Welcome to the Blumhouse movies: a collection of four scary features that rolled out exclusively on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month. It’s a diverse group of titles, with each one having its own way of getting into audiences’ minds, but ultimately excellent fodder for the holiday season.

Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour’s Black Box and Veena Sud’s The Lie debuted the first week of October, and Zu Quirke’s Nocturne and Elan and Rajeev Dassani’s Evil Eye came out the second – and now that they are all available, we figured we’d have some fun stacking them against each other. Which one of the released titles is the best of the bunch? How should you prioritize each of the movies on your Halloween watch list as we get closer to the big day? Read on and find out!

Wait, The Navy Will Actually Fine People For Quoting Tom Cruise’s Top Gun?

Everybody loves Top Gun, but it’s a movie, and this is real life, and the U.S. Navy doesn’t want its pilots making a joke out of the real thing by making jokes about the film. Having said that, the author says that basically everybody gets hit with the Top Gun fine at least once, as the movie is so deeply ingrained in the psyche of Naval Aviators that it’s impossible for them to not quote it now and then.

Wait, Could Zac Efron Already Be Engaged To Vanessa Valladares?

According to a new report over at US Weekly, Zac Efron actually gave Vanessa Valladares a ring during his birthday celebration. Cosmopolitan and some other outlets seem to be inferring it’s an engagement ring, though I’m not 100% sold. An unnamed source though did say that Efron gave Valladares a ring as a sort of “unofficial engagement,” so the engagement ring idea isn’t coming out of left field. It’s just that it could easily be another sort of commitment ring, so I’m reserving judgment.

The Suicide Squad’s James Gunn Reveals How DC Approached The Movie’s Death Scenes

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The DC Extended Universe has had a unique life in theaters, full of peaks and valleys. But Warner Bros. seems to have hit its stride over the past few years, releasing a slew of critically acclaimed projects. There are some highly anticipated blockbusters heading down the line, chief among them being James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. The villain-centric movie will feature a mixture of new and returning characters, and the filmmaker recently teased how he approached upcoming character deaths.

The Borat 2 Country Concert Had A Violent Ending That Wasn’t Shown

The problem was that some of the militia groups that were in this rally had been antagonizing the Black Lives Matter protests (in the same area). And as revenge, the Black Lives Matter protest were coming over to confront them. I didn’t know anything about this. And they had sent some of their members, Black Lives Matter protestors, to go undercover at the rally. So I was going undercover, and so were they! They were there as spotters to see what’s going on, because there were a bunch of Black Lives Matter protestors coming down the road, (toward) this confrontation. And then they see me on stage and everyone’s singing along, and one of them went ‘Oh my god, it’s Sacha Baron Cohen!’ He starts laughing, and tells the other one. Word got out that it was me, and then the organizers and a lot of people in the crowd got very angry. They tried to storm the stage. Luckily for me I had hired the security. So it took them a while to actually storm the stage.

The First Full-Length Trailer for the New Saved by the Bell Reboot Is Here

NBC has decided it’s time to revisit Bayside High. Back in September 2019, the network announced that it had plans to reboot Saved by the Bell, the beloved ’90s sitcom that followed characters Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, and Screech through high school (and, eventually, college and adult life). The series will air on NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, which launched in July 2020.

We’re in an era of reboots—see Charmed, Gossip Girl, and Lizzie McGuire (maybe)—so it was only a matter of time before Saved by the Bell got a new version as well. And the first official full-length trailer, which Peacock dropped  on October 27, promises lots of throwbacks to the original. Watch, below:

Here’s everything we know about the reboot:

What’s the plot?

According to the show’s official synopsis, Zack Morris—now the governor of California—gets into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools. So he proposes a new plan to send affected students to higher-performing schools…which includes, you guessed it, Bayside High.  

On April 16, the first trailer was released. While we don’t get to see Zack or Kelly, we do catch up with Slater and Jessie. Slater is teaching gym at Bayside, where Zack and Kelly’s son and Jessie’s son attend high school. There are some jokes about how long ago the original show aired. At one point Justin Bieber gets called “old.” Sigh.

Who’s in the cast?

The Hollywood Reporter announced on January 6 that Josie Totah would star. Totah will play Lexi, described by THR as “a beautiful, sharp-tongued cheerleader and the most popular girl at Bayside High, who is both admired and feared by her fellow students.” Totah, who came out as transgender in 2018, said at the TCAs that playing a transgender student on TV that wasn’t all about her identity was an incredible opportunity. “She’s in theater, she’s evil, and she just happens to be transgender…. I can’t wait for people to be able to see themselves onscreen in that way.”

Totah will be joined by a few original cast members, including Berkley and Mario Lopez. Berkley announced that they had signed on to the project back in September 2019.

Drake Had the Most Bizarre Item on His Birthday Dinner Menu, and Fans Are Puzzled

Drake reportedly had his 34th birthday party in Los Angeles on October 23, and it was lavish AF. I’m just going to assume it was done safely, but the bash—per social media posts that ended up online—included sparklers, blue lighting, and a menu that has many fans puzzled. 

To be fair, most of the alleged cuisine seemed pretty standard…for, ya know, rich people: fried calamari, a sushi platter, steak frites, grilled cauliflower, etc. But one item, the mac-n-cheese,  has the internet shaken up. This isn’t your standard Kraft fare or even a fancier version of the dish, like lobster mac-n-cheese. No, Drake’s birthday mac-n-cheese seemingly included sun dried tomatoes, capers, raisins, and parsley. That’s right: raisins in mac-n-cheese. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Is this a delicacy only the 1% know about? 

“Drake could have any meal in the world, but raisins IN mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu,” one fan tweeted. 

This person wasn’t alone in their shock, awe, and…well, disgust. “drake stares into the middle distance as he eats leftover caper and raisin and sun-dried tomato mac and cheese over the sink,” one person tweeted. Someone else added, “.@drake did the mac and cheese have sun-dried tomato, capers and raisins or was there a mistake on the menu? We really need to know now. Also happy birthday.” 

But a few people came to Drake’s defense. “Y’all really mad about Drake Mac and cheese with raisins well I like grapes and almonds in my chicken salad,” one person wrote. Point taken! If this is what Drake likes, who are we to judge? It was his birthday, and all of us have weird food quirks. 

Peep some more reactions to this culinary controversy, below: 

There is one silver lining to this: If Drake’s guests did hate the mac-n-cheese, he had plenty to take home. Raisin mac-n-cheese for the next 10 days! We may not love to see it, but Drake does. 

George Clooney’s Midnight Sky Trailer Brings A Snowy Apocalypse To Netflix

On the earthbound side of things, you have George Clooney playing a lone scientist inhabiting a snowy outpost with his young daughter. After some sort of event that’s left Earth uninhabitable, he has to get ahold of the spaceship Aether whose crew is about to return home from a spacebound voyage. Only they totally shouldn’t, as Earth is uninhabitable. The ship’s crew is much safer where they are, and if Clooney’s protagonist can reach a more powerful antenna, they might just have a shot at surviving.