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Their 2016 Election Grief Went Viral. Here’s What They’re Doing to Make Sure 2020 Isn’t a Repeat

“I am working really hard,” she says. She’s been phonebanking, textbanking, postcarding, and working to persuade friends. “Even though I feel anxious and stressed and all of that, if I don’t act then I’ll sort of swallow that all and will just feel completely paralyzed,” she says. “And so instead, what I do, is: I act. And then on November 4 or whenever, I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I actually tried to do something.”

Passmore has had some practice—she did campaign for the Democrats in the 2016 election (albeit not as much then as she has been in 2020), and she is involved in community building through her church and her job. Her barrier to entry for volunteering was pretty low, and she has taken on a lot.

But Nabrynski, like many people, just isn’t comfortable with calling strangers. “It’s really hard for me,” she says. “I get hysterical.” She’s challenged herself to do some phone banking, but she’s mostly had to find other ways to make a difference in the election. “I don’t make a ton of money with my job, but I’ve been donating a ton to Black Lives Matter, trans organizations, and Jaime Harrison and Marquita Bradshaw,” she says, naming Democratic candidates running for Senate in South Carolina and her state, Tennessee. She’s not wealthy, but she’s happy to budget for this, she says. “I just feel good about myself donating, knowing that my energy can go towards very specific battles rather than just freaking out if Trump wins again.”

Eittreim, now 21 and a college student in Chicago, has doubled down on her commitment to doing what she can for the people she cares about. “My action has been more on a personal level,” she says. She’s been spending time reaching out to friends and family members—especially the ones who think their votes don’t matter—and helping them get informed about what’s on their ballots. It helps her deal with the fact that she’s “terrified about what the next four years under Donald Trump could hold.” She witnessed the uprisings not far from her hometown in Minnesota after George Floyd was killed. “We’re gonna see a lot more of that if Trump wins,” she predicts.

Eittreim isn’t a fan of Donald Trump or Joe Biden. But she’s still working to influence the people around her to vote, and to vote for candidates up and down their ballots who will protect civil rights and reproductive rights, specifically. “I’m really excited to vote for other things beyond just the president because I think it’s really important to take your [choices for] local government into consideration because those are going to affect you directly.”

She has spent a lot of time on social media, sharing the fact that without Planned Parenthood’s discounts, she wouldn’t be able to afford birth control. “The demographic I fit into, social media is where we get a lot of our news,” she points out. “So it’s really important that it’s accurate and that we’re educating each other.”

Passmore and Nabrynski have full-time jobs, and Eittreim is a full-time student. None of them are wealthy philanthropists or celebrities, or have a professional background in politics. All three describe themselves as “anxious.” What they have in common is that they’ve all found the thing that motivates them—and a support system that allows them to take some action in spite of their once-immobilizing despair.

Since the last election, Passmore welcomed her first grandchild—a little girl named Isa—and the change has pushed her to work even harder. “The idea that after all these years, this is what I’m giving her,” she says, referring to the state of the country under the Trump administration, “gives me a stomachache.”

Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Movie With Eddie Murphy Is Good, Actually

The Haunted Mansion came out only a few months after Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and while the latter went on to launch a franchise, the former did not, though both sit comfortably on Disney+ together. Now, I have a confession to make: while I love movies and theme parks, and The Haunted Mansion (in both its Disneyland and Walt Disney World iterations) is one of my all-time favorite theme park rides, up until very recently I never watched The Haunted Mansion movie. I’d heard it was bad, and as I didn’t want to watch a bad movie based on a beloved ride, I just skipped it up. But last week I rectified that situation, and I discovered something fairly surprising, which is that The Haunted Mansion is actually good.

I’m not saying it’s an overlooked masterpiece, but on Rotten Tomatoes the film has a 14% Fresh rating, and that only goes up to 30% for the audience score – and that’s extreme. The movie is fine, and some aspects of it are even good. If I was writing the review here on CinemaBlend for the movie right now I’d give it a solid 3.5 stars.

Could Thor: Love And Thunder Bring Back Ragnarok’s Surtur? Here’s What We Know

With Thor: Love & Thunder, Marvel’s Asgardian hero will find himself in a place that no other MCU hero has before, a fourth solo film. It’s uncharted territory and, as the film is still in its very early stages, there’s still a lot we don’t know. One of the biggest questions, as it so often is with comic book movies, is who the villain or villains will be. Will we see new characters or the return of old ones? Could we see the return of Thor: Ragnarok‘s Surtur? Clancy Brown says he’d be happy to return if the price is right.

It Is About Time We Add Brad Pitt’s Moneyball To The List Of Best Baseball Movies

And while it seems that the sentimentality of seeing a baseball movie with my dad (which happened to be our last theater experience before I moved 700 miles away), at the very core of it, Moneyball is an incredibly written and directed movie with one of the best casts you’ll see in any movie (sports or non-sports) and should be considered to be put on the list of great baseball movies.

What do you think about Moneyball? Do you think it should be held in the same regard as Bull Durham, The Pride of the Yankees, and For Love of the Game, or is it not one of your favorites? Either way, sound off in the comments below.

Spider-Man 3 Fan Poster Brings Back Tobey Maguire In An Epic Way

That hand obviously belongs to the OG Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire. The hand is Spidey’s signature web shooting position, something all three of the actors have plenty of experience with. Perhaps the best part about this piece of fan art comes from within the portal that said hand is coming from. In it we see Joe’s Pizza, which was Peter Parker’s place of employment along with the Daily Bugle. This is an awesome easter egg, and is sure to please the many moviegoers who loved Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Zack Snyder Confirms Justice League Reshoots With Fun Photo From The Set

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The DC Extended Universe has had a unique life in theaters, full of peaks and valleys. And in an unprecedented move, The Snyder Cut of Justice League is becoming a reality on HBO Max. Fans are eager to see the filmmaker’s full four-hour vision for the project, including a ton of footage that was left on the cutting room floor. Snyder is also doing some reshoots to complete the project, and he’s confirmed and celebrated their begin with a fun post on social media.

Yes, The Rock Did Taste His Own Blood After Cutting Himself At The Gym

Just as he keeps moving past stumbling blocks like Skyscraper to make his way to the projects like Jumanji: The Next Level, Dwayne Johnson lives up to his WWE nickname with flying colors. The man truly is a rock, and not even 2020 is going to stop him from progressing and dominating like a champ. Though deep at his core, Johnson still is a human, blood and all, you wouldn’t know it by looking at him.

Cristina Is a Deeply Moving Look at Life With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cristina opens with an arresting scene: A woman, getting her hair buzzed, offers some beauty advice. Wait to shave your head until after the chemo starts, she says to the camera. Wait until your hair starts to fall out. 

Moments later, we see her again—this time, she’s casually lounging on the floor as she blow dries a cute blonde bob. “I have hair!” she exclaims over the machine’s roar. “It’s a good feeling!” 

These are the scenes that will stick with you long after Cristina is over. The documentary, available on Netflix, follows script supervisor Cristina as she navigates her second diagnosis with breast cancer, which had metastasized into her liver. It was directed by filmmaker Michele Ohayon—a friend of Cristina’s, which gives the movie a deeply moving intimacy. 

“When my friend Cristina was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, she asked me to film her,” Ohayon says in a statement on the movie’s site. “Although she was a script supervisor and knew film, I reminded her what it meant to have a camera in her face and a constant presence through this difficult journey. But she was adamant. Cristina wanted to send a message to the world, in her own words: Live Now. I told her I would do it if she promised me a happy ending.”

Unfortunately, there was not a happy ending. The documentary is short, under 40 minutes, because Ohayon only had 20 minutes of footage. When Cristina was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she was given two to five years to live. She died five months later.

Michèle Ohayon

“As harrowing as the experience was, and without a happy ending, I am committed to living my life to its fullest each and every moment. Cristina was the brave soul and beautiful spirit that reminded me of that through her love and appreciation for life,” Ohayon said. 

And while devastating, there is so much beauty in Cristina’s journey. The film captures a true portrait of life with metastatic breast cancer, good and bad. But in between the scenes of seemingly endless hospital visits are moments of pure joy—Cristina sitting in the sun with her husband, Bruce, or smiling as she describes what it’s like to be wholly loved

The message of the film is clear, and one that everyone should hear: Life is a gift. “You only have right now,” Cristina says toward the end of the film. “That’s all you have… Wake up!” 

Anna Moeslein is the senior entertainment editor at Glamour.

Emma Roberts Has a Secret Tumblr Account Only Six People Know About

Emma Roberts’s filmography runs the gamut. She’s done horror (American Horror Story), comedy (Little Italy), comedy-horror (Scream Queens), and, now, a seasonal rom-com. 

Yes, Roberts is jumping on the Christmas movie train with Holidate, a Netflix original about two singles who agree to be each other’s dates for parties throughout the holiday season that premieres October 28. The reason? So no one will ask about their relationship statuses. But what happens when a simple social arrangement turns into something more? You’ll just have to watch and see. 

“I think people are loving holiday rom-coms because there’s a sense of nostalgia,” Roberts says about the reemergence of the genre. “I know, for me, it’s so comforting watching romantic comedies. I grew up on them, especially my aunt’s [Julia Roberts] movies, like My Best Friend’s Wedding and Notting Hill, which are so iconic. They just really make you feel good. We all want to feel good these days. We all want to believe in love and feel loved and celebrate each other and feel like there’s good news out there.”

Roberts certainly has a lot to smile about these days. She’s expecting her first child (a boy) with Garrett Hedlund, and even though she’s over the moon, she’s still keeping the realities of 2020 in check. “In the midst of such a crazy year that has had so much hardship and heartbreak [it’s nice] to have something to look forward to,” she says. “The baby’s coming, and I’m so excited to put a movie out that I think will put smiles on people’s faces or hopefully let them escape for two hours.”

The Holidate is certainly an escape—as are some of the other TV shows and movies Emma Roberts is watching to make it through 2020. (Yes, she’s an Emily in Paris fan.) Below, she tells Glamour all about the products, apps, and treats keeping her sane during such uncertain times. 

My favorite app right now

I’m spending too much time on Instagram, that’s for sure, and just ordering too much food on Caviar these days. But I’m also a secret Tumblr lover. I love Tumblr, which is something people don’t know about me—I have six followers on a Tumblr account no one knows is me. It’s my happy space. 

The coolest maternity gift I’ve received so far

I’ve been trying to not buy a ton of stuff because I love shopping. All I can say is thank goodness I’m not having a girl because the clothing situation would just be insane. I’ve gotten some really, really cute swaddles, which I love, from this company called Pehr. They have really cute clothes and swaddles and tie-dye things. I’m loving tie-dye anything for the baby. 

A baby product someone recommended to me that I’m loving

There’s this line called Erbaviva that I love. They do really gorgeous, sustainable products for during pregnancy—body oils and stuff that I really love. 

Erbaviva Breathe Body Oil



Erbaviva Relax Body Oil



The lounge pants I’m living in at the moment

I’ve been living in my Free City sweatpants, some of which I’ve had since high school. I’ve been pulling out a lot of old school stuff during this quarantine. Free City sweatpants and James Perse are my favorites. 

The maxi dresses I’ve incorporated into my maternity style

I’ve been living in maxi dresses. If I’m doing more of an event thing on Zoom or whatever, I love Ganni. I think they do such great stuff that can be for pregnancy or not. I’ve been loving Faithfull the Brand and Tory Burch, as well as The Daily Sleeper

My go-to fragrance at the moment

Right now I’m actually wearing Boss Alive, which comes in the most gorgeous pink bottle and there’s hints of vanilla in it. I’ve always been someone whose scent has a bit of vanilla in it. That’s my main girl these days. 

Boss Alive Eau de Parfum (50ml)


Hugo Boss

A beauty product that makes me feel ready for the day

I love the Barbara Sturm glow drops because you can wear those whether you have makeup on or not. Most days I’m not wearing any makeup because I figure now’s the best time to really take care of your skin and let your skin breathe. I love the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum, too. It’s been really, really nice. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops


Dr. Barbara Sturm

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum


Drunk Elephant

My self-care routine 

I love a bath moment for myself where the candles are lit and the salts are put in. I have a mask waiting for me. I think it’s so important to do that when you can and have that time to yourself. I love Diptyque candles around the tub. I’ll do a Tatcha or Charlotte Tilbury face mask. I like epsom salts; just simple Dr. Teal’s ones, which you can get anywhere. But if I’m feeling a little fancier, Little Moon Essentials is this amazing company in Colorado. They do really gorgeous bath salts with essential oils. 

Dr Teal’s Lavender Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution


Dr. Teal’s

Little Moon Essentials Floral Mineral Bath Salt (Relax, 13.5 oz.)

The TV shows I’m obsessed with at the moment

I just finished The Vow, which I loved. I was so obsessed with that doc series. I loved Expecting Amy on HBO Max; I was so into that. I’m loving Emily in Paris as such an escape show. I made myself a cheese platter and watched it the other night. I felt very Parisian. I’ve been watching Unsolved Mysteries, which I’ve actually had to stop watching before bed because it’s scaring me.

What’s currently on my playlist 

The Chicks’s new album Gaslighter, I’m obsessed. I just cannot get enough of that. I always go back to Bon Iver. They never get old to me. I’ve been listening to Lorde a lot lately, too. “Supercut” has been on repeat; I don’t know why, but it’s been giving me all the feels lately.  

The food bringing me comfort lately

Sprinkles cupcakes have been my obsession. I love cupcakes in general, but for some reason Sprinkles during my pregnancy, during the pandemic. I can’t enough of them. Salt & Straw ice cream, too. They have a Halloween flavor called The Great Candycopia, which, it’s been a problem how much I’ve been eating it. 

What I’ve learned about myself through pregnancy

It’s been really an interesting time in the world to be pregnant right now. It’s definitely caused a lot of introspection, but I think it’s been amazing to really sit with myself and really turn inward in a way I never have before and be still. That’s been really nice, and I feel really grateful to have gotten to do that. To not just be running from one appointment to the next or one job to the next. I’ve really had to be present with myself, and that’s been—some days you wanna crawl out of your skin but other days, you feel really good and really grateful.