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    Look Both Ways Isn’t as Empowering as It Claims to Be

    Warning: Spoilers for Look Both Ways ahead.

    A feel-good pregnancy drama? In this socio-political climate? What could possibly go wrong? In Look Both Ways, Netflix’s Sliding Doors–esque film that premiered on August 17, nothing actually goes wrong…and that’s kind of the problem. 

    Lili Reinhart stars as Natalie, an aspiring illustrator and animator whose pregnancy scare leads her on two divergent paths. We watch as the parallel versions of Natalie—the one who gets pregnant after a one-night stand on the eve of her college graduation, and the one who does not—live out their lives simultaneously in two separate universes. 

    Felicia Graham/Netflix

    The premise seemed full of promise at first: A young woman is tasked with making a decision about her body, her career, and every other aspect of her future—there’s so much potential for a raw and sympathetic portrayal of what leads to her decision to continue to the pregnancy, even if it means putting her plans on hold. So I was shocked when, not 10 minutes into the movie, pregnant Natalie says with zero explanation that she’s decided to ditch her dream—and her best friend and roommate, Cara (Aisha Dee)—of moving to Los Angeles to work in animation studio, and instead raise a child as a single parent. 

    The ambitious narrative spans roughly five years of each of Natalie’s lives—which is admittedly a lot of ground to cover in 111 minutes. But the omission of any kind of motivation for becoming a mother at 22 is an oversight that feels, sadly, like a bid for neutrality rather than a time-saving strategy. And neutrality, especially from a star as outspoken as Reinhart, who also served as an executive producer on the project, is not what we need right now. At a time when women in America—and especially Texas, where Natalie is living when she becomes pregnant—are being denied the very right to such a decision, the plot seems tone-deaf at best. 

    Aubrey Plaza Wore the Most Elegant Bob Updo for Summer

    It’s official: Aubrey Plaza has earned herself the title of bob style queen. After Plaza was photographed looking perfect in an undone bob in New York City last week—amid a heatwave, no less—the actor attended a Los Angeles screening of her upcoming film Spin Me Round in the most elegant loaded topknot updo we’ve ever laid eyes on. 

    This gorgeous style differs from Plaza’s usual look, which is essentially another modern take on the effortless, Renaissance-inspired Botticelli bob. Her new look still highlights her signature side bangs and face-framing S-curls. So, Plaza pretty much just singlehandedly proved that side bangs and parts are very much cool again. (Do you hear that, Gen Z?!) 

    The Happiest Season star complemented her topknot with gold hoop earrings and a deep V-neck mini dress. BRB, we’re running to copy this whole look immediately.

    This is the chicest loaded topknot we’ve ever seen. 

    Kevin Winter/GA/Getty Images

    Plaza’s loaded topknot is especially timely. All sorts of bob styles are going viral this year, including the cool-girl scandi bob, heatwave-friendly curly bob, and their cousins the blunt bob and wavy lob. Bob enthusiasts are also actively seeking stylish ways to wear their short hair in updos. The end result of this phenomenon has been a resurgence in the mid-2010s era loaded topknot, both because it’s been spotted on celebs— Kaia Gerber, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez, and Hailey Bieber have worn the style— as well as how easy it is to style yourself. 

    “The beauty of this look is in its effortlessness, as it’s super easy to create yet still manages to look chic,” Cliphair trends writer Brenda Lee Intignano said of the topknot. Unless, of course, you want to take Plaza’s more put-together look, which actually has a bit of a bridal vibe. That’s the beauty of the loaded topknot, though: It’s incredibly versatile, and there truly no “right” way to wear it. Most importantly, however, the updo proves that contrary to popular belief, you can still style short hair in an updo. All you might need are a few bobby pins.

    Diane von Furstenberg Shows Off Her Swimsuit With an Adorable Selfie

    Diane von Furstenberg has been a symbol of empowering women through style since the advent of her timeless wrap dress—versatile, easy to wear, and feminine—in the early 1970s. Like any true fashion icon, DVF has adapted with the times. If the wrap dress has been a staple of feminist fashion since the ’70s, the swimwear selfie Instagram post is a staple of the 2020s. 

    The iconic designer posted a full-body mirror-selfie of herself wearing a chic, cherry-red one-piece with the caption, “Selfie at 75?” 

    She writes, “Trying to own it and 2 hours of daily swimming helps!” Before you say anything about the rather glum expression on her face, von Furstenberg adds, “I know I should smile but I feel stupid smiling at myself! Gratitude.” 

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    Von Furstenberg’s post garnered lots of love in the comments section from her many famous friends. Supermodel Iman wrote, “Fearless & Beautiful,” with a heart emoji. Ava DuVernay wrote, “Stunning and sensational.” Andie McDowell simply commented, “Fabulous.”

    It should go without saying that everyone should feel comfortable in a bathing suit at any age. But it wasn’t too long ago that posts like DVF’s would garner more agist and sexist backlash than outpourings of love. Even today, the fashion industry obviously still has a long ways to go in terms of real body positivity and diversity. But in general, Diane von Furstenberg has been on the right side of things. In 2015, for instance, she wrote an open letter to her colleagues urging for more diversity on runways and to take better care of models. “As we approach New York Fashion Week, let’s remember that beauty is health and health is beauty,” she wrote, via HuffPo. “It is also important to remember that beauty is diversity and as an industry, we stand by these two principles.”

    12 Cute Fall Outfits You’ll Want to Start Wearing ASAP

    It might still be summer, but mentally, we’re in sweater-weather mode thinking about all the cute fall outfits to put together as we ease into cooler temps. Transitional looks reign supreme this time of year, making it a veritable fashion playground for mixing and matching pieces from various seasons into your wardrobe. 

    Not sure where to begin? Start by incorporating summer’s greatest hits into your fall fashion arsenal. A lightweight sundress or shirtdress is a perfect base for playful knits, while chunky footwear—cowboy boots or sleek loafers—can instantly ground a long-sleeve midi skirt or dress. Once the forecast truly dips, you can go ahead and rework certain winter wardrobe staples for added contrast: A heavenly soft pullover looks on point when styled with cargo pants and a white tank for going out, while a cropped puffer and matching sweatsuit remains a no-fail combo for days when you want to feel put together with minimal effort.  

    No matter what vibe you’re going for this fall, the key to building a successful cold-weather wardrobe starts with pieces that offer what fickle temps demand: layers, layers, and more layers. And we rounded up a list of cute fall outfit ideas to prove it. So whether you’re venturing out into an office again or maintaining your work-from-home status, here are 12 cute fall outfits to start planning—and shopping for—now. 

    Cargo Pants + White Tank + Knit Pullover

    Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

    Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

    Cargo pants are to fall what jorts are to summer—the antihero we’ve all grown to root for. These aren’t your dad’s khakis, though: This season’s designs have little to do with practicality; in fact, the coolest styles look best paired with some kind of heel. Offset the baggy proportions with a ribbed white tank, then tie your sweater over your shoulders like you mean business (or you know, if it decides to get randomly really hot outside). 

    Knit Tank + White Jeans + Shearling Booties

    Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

    Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

    Jennette McCurdy on the Runaway Success of Her Memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died

    As a child, Jennette McCurdy dreamed of being a writer, drafting her first screenplay as a little girl in Garden Grove, California. Instead, she says, her domineering mother, Debra, forced her into acting at age six. McCurdy, who later starred on Nickelodeon’s iCarly with Miranda Cosgrove and its short-lived spinoff Sam and Cat with Ariana Grande, remembers her mom telling her that “writers dress frumpy and get fat, you know? I would never want your little actress’s peach butt to turn into a big, giant writer’s watermelon butt.” So for the rest of her childhood, McCurdy all but stopped writing; even her diary was shared with Debra.

    Now 30, McCurdy is the author of a newly minted number-one New York Times-bestselling memoir that has also achieved pop-cultural phenomenon status. Its striking title, I’m Glad My Mom Died, has inspired sanctimonious comments on Goodreads and beyond, as well as praise for its brash sense of bravery. “A lot of people have been coming up to me saying, ‘Hey, my mom’s alive. I can’t say this. Thank you for saying this for those of us who can’t,’” McCurdy told Vogue this week.

    Who would openly celebrate the death of their mother, which, for many people, is considered among the most shattering of losses? Someone whose mother’s death was her liberation. McCurdy’s mom, Debra, who died of breast cancer in 2013 when McCurdy was 21, had controlled and abused McCurdy throughout her life, she writes, pulling the puppet strings on McCurdy’s acting career (a dream Debra never achieved for herself) and manipulating her against quitting. McCurdy says she also urged her into anorexia, which led to bulimia, in an effort to ward off puberty and keep her tiny for childish roles, in addition to insisting on giving her showers during which she administered breast and vaginal exams—which Debra claimed were checks for cancer—until McCurdy was 17.

    “So what do you say? You want to act? You want to be Mommy’s little actress?” McCurdy recalls her mom asking. Even at six, McCurdy sensed: “There’s only one right answer.”

    I’m Glad My Mom Died is more than source material for a deluge of headlines about Grande and the slimy advances of a Nickelodeon svengali McCurdy calls simply “The Creator.” McCurdy distinguishes herself from standard-issue celebrity memoir fare with a vivid, biting, darkly comic tone and an immersive present tense. She spoke to Vogue earlier this week about the success of her book, its provocative title, and finding her identity through writing.

    Selena Gomez and Tyga Have Been Seen ‘Hanging Out’—But That’s All

    It seems wild to remember that the last person Selena Gomez was actually confirmed to be dating was Justin Bieber (they got back together for a few months after she split from The Weeknd in 2017, according to Cosmo). But the Only Murders In the Building star so rarely makes any of her relationships red carpet or “sources close to the couple confirm they are dating” official, that members of the public such as myself can’t help but speculate every time she is seen in the company of a man. So when TMZ published pictures of Gomez and Tyga—a famous rapper who is both around her age and single—leaving a West Hollywood club at the same time, what was I supposed to think?

    I obviously should not have gotten so ahead of myself (and nor should TMZ, FWIW), as the outlet later posted a clarifying update that puts the kibosh on dating rumors. According to a source close to Gomez, the two weren’t at the restaurant together, they were just there at the same time. Tyga and Gomez went separately to see different people, but the two groups wound up hanging out together and leaving at the same time. 

    TikTok content

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    The status of Selena Gomez’s love life always seems to spark public interest, and the issue was raised again after the singer and actor posted a playful TikTok of her own grandmother probing for details on a certain famous breakup of hers. But a source told Entertainment Tonight that the 30-year-old is perfectly happy as a single woman at the moment. “She is more open to love, but she is also very much focused on herself and her work right now,” the source said. 

    I assume she’ll tell all of us (and her grandmother) when she’s officially in love once again and ready to go public.

    What You’re Owed if an Airline Bumps You From Your Flight

    It’s a situation that’s becoming increasingly common: You’re waiting for your flight to start boarding, when the gate agent announces the plane is overbooked and some passengers will need to be bumped to a later flight. How does an oversold flight happen, and what can travelers do about it?

    Planes only make money when they are flying full of paying passengers, so airlines sell a small percentage of seats more than the aircraft allows, assuming that people will not show up because they missed their connecting flight, got stuck in traffic, or simply changed their plans.

    Most of the time, the system works and there’s no need to bump anyone. But in 2022, airlines are overselling more flights, which means passengers are getting bumped more often too. According to recent statistics from the Department of Transportation, involuntary denied boardings occurred three times as often in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same quarter 2018, before the pandemic.

    There are a few ways to avoid being bumped against your will, but if you are removed from an overbooked plane, you’re owed certain compensations from the airline. Here’s everything to know about dealing with an oversold flight.

    First, avoid being bumped involuntarily

    Airlines generally have systems when it comes to choosing who to bump. Passengers who checked in late (or last) and anyone without a confirmed seat assignment are first on the chopping block.

    As such, checking in as soon as possible—even right when online check-in opens 24 hours before the flight—is best, says Mike Arnot, spokesperson for aviation analytics firm Cirium. If your boarding pass has “see agent at gate” printed under the seat assignment heading, that usually means you’re first in line to get bumped. Arnot advises pre-selecting a seat, even if you have to pay an extra fee or cash in airline miles for one. 

    Passengers with basic economy tickets may also be more vulnerable during an oversale than someone on a higher-paid ticket or with elite status. So if you don’t have flexible travel plans, you may want to buy tickets in regular economy or higher.

    When is it worth it to volunteer your seat?

    Before resorting to involuntary removals, gate agents usually ask for volunteers to give up their seats, offering flight vouchers, gift cards, or cash as incentives. If these sound tempting, keep in mind that as with most negotiations, you shouldn’t accept the first offer. There have been reports of some airlines giving as much as $10,000 in cash gift cards for passengers to take a bump. While compensation that high can be rare, the lesson is clear: Travelers can typically squeeze a few thousand dollars out of airlines, especially if they need to bump more than one person from a single flight.

    When negotiating your payout, ask about any restrictions for the voucher or compensation provided. Can it be used for international flights? Is it only for yourself or can it be used for others? When does it expire?

    Apparently Taylor Swift Asked to Be in the Twilight Movie New Moon

    Taylor Swift missed out on a pretty crazy movie cameo, and we need a moment to process what we’ve missed out on.

    She may have appeared onscreen in TV shows like CSI and New Girl, as well as star-studded 2010 rom-com Valentine’s Day, but the pop icon could have appeared a huge part of 2000s film culture: Twilight.

    Chris Weitz, director of The Twilight Saga: New Moon—starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and the second in five films devoted to the hit books—has confirmed that the film almost had a Taylor Swift cameo. 

    In a recent interview on The Twilight Effect, a podcast hosted by actor and Twilight star Ashley Greene, he opened up about his decision to ultimately turn Taylor down when her agent came calling. “Taylor Swift and I had the same agent at the time, and he said, ‘Taylor would like to be in this movie—not because of you, but she’s a Twi-hard,’” Weitz said.

    It turns out Swift wasn’t even going for screen time here, she just wanted to be part of the vampire universe that we were all, admittedly, obsessed with at that time. Her agent reportedly told Weitz: “She will be someone at the cafeteria, or the diner, or whatever, but she just wants to be in this movie.”

    Alas, it wasn’t to be. The New Moon director decided that, ultimately, having such a star appear in the background of the movie was likely to draw focus. “The hardest thing for me was to be like, ‘The moment that Taylor Swift walks onto the screen for about five minutes, nobody is going to be able to process anything,’” he said.

    She is a complete show-stealing queen in the absolute best way, so we see the logic. But that doesn’t mean Weitz doesn’t hold some level of regret at his decision. “I was like, ‘Wow, I could have been, like, hanging out with Taylor Swift, and maybe we could’ve been friends or something,’” he said, also expressing concern he may have offended the star by turning her down.

    “She must’ve just been like, ‘Who is this jerk who would say no?’” he said. “But sometimes you make decisions and you go, ‘This is for the best of the film.’”

    Oh, what could have been!

    This post was originally published on Glamour UK.

    Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser Split After 8 Years of Marriage

    Alexis Bledel and her husband of eight years, Vincent Kartheiser, are calling it quits. 

    On August 17, People reported that Kartheiser had filed for divorce from Bledel. The pair shares one child, a son, who was born in 2015. 

    Bledel, 40, and Kartheiser, 43, first met in 2012 on the set of AMC’s hit drama Mad Men. Kartheiser starred as the irascible Pete Campbell, and Bledel played his mistress, Beth Dawes, in season 5 of the Emmy award-winning show.

    Gregg DeGuire

    The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2014, and have kept quiet about their relationship ever since, rarely speaking about one another in the press. Neither is active on social media. In a 2014 interview with Vulture, Kartheiser explained why he was so tight-lipped about his relationship. 

    “It’s something I realized about the most important things in my life,” he said. “If I share them with the world and I open that door to their fuming anger that they need to get out or their adoration that they want to flaunt, it lessens it. It cheapens it; it weakens it. And it’s magical, love, and all of that is … profoundly spiritual, and it just doesn’t feel right.”

    Bledel’s Gilmore Girls co-star, Scott Patterson, told Glamour in 2016 that the actor “really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy.” 

    Eve Hewson on Starring in This Year’s Funniest Dark Comedy, Bad Sisters

    Landing the role just as she turned 30 also marked a coming-of-age moment for Eve, that moment where your messiness hopefully subsides and out of the debris of your twenties, an adult emerges. Something I relate to. “I feel like she’s my ode to my twenties,” Eve confirms, “when you don’t have everything together, you don’t know where your life is going, you’re somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, but you’re not really an adult either. You aren’t forced to have a proper career. You can float around, and you don’t need to buy a house. It’s the decade where you’re discovering things about yourself and all of your insecurities that you have about yourself and feeling like you don’t have direction. You look like a grown-up, but you’re not. Everyone is just pretending and winging it. It’s also a period where you make all the wrong decisions, you date all the wrong people, you drink too much. It was a perfect moment for me to put all of my experience into one person and then step away from it, say goodbye to it in a way.”

    I was a certified messy bitch in my twenties so how messy was Eve, I ask? “Oh, a messy bitch 100%,” she erupts with laughter. “It was just the messiest decades, and you couldn’t fucking pay me to go back! My thirties are a good place to be. It’s my safe place. It was amazingly cathartic looking back and then sort of moving through it. As long as they don’t bring me back through it in season two. I think I’ve said goodbye. Maybe if we do season two, she can have her shit together for my mental health.”

    While it is clear a recent coming-of-age moment has empowered Eve, the changing landscape of Hollywood has had a part to play too. Bad Sisters, with its four strong female leads, is a symbol of how far the industry has come in not only creating female-led narratives but representing all facets of womanhood. The show certainly follows in the footsteps of recent hits Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere and basically anything Reese Witherspoon touches. But I wonder what still frustrates her about the conversations we’re still having to have about the representation of women on screen?

    “That’s a good question because I haven’t felt that in a while, actually,” Eve replies. “I feel like the last projects I’ve done have been female-driven with really great characters. But God, pre Me-Too it was a joke! It was painful. I had a horrible time dealing with and trying to fit into this idea of what Hollywood, a.k.a. a bunch of white men in a boardroom, thought was sexy, powerful, and what people wanted to see. There’s a lot of roles that I went up for and even played, where they just wanted tits on a stick, basically. You know, ‘Don’t eat anything and wear a push-up bra.’”

    “It’s also tricky because the people that are financing these things—I know it’s changed now—but back then, it was a man’s view of what they thought was sexy,” she continues. “But you can’t define sexuality at all. You can’t whittle it down to just one look or one type of person. It was a man in the boardroom making a decision about your costume that he doesn’t think is sexy because you look like the girl that rejected him when he was a kid. Sexuality is so personal, and they tried to make it this commercial thing, and it wasn’t right to do that. Now there’s more women stepping into power, and there’s so much diversity. We’ve always had these stories to tell, but now they are getting told, and TV and film have gotten so much more interesting because of it. Hollywood has realized that their audiences aren’t stupid, you don’t have to spoon feed people, and hopefully, we never go back to that time.”