Astrologers Explain What Your Astrological Sign On Spotify Wrapped Really Means

For casual listeners and musicheads alike, there’s only one end-of-year list that matters: Spotify Wrapped, the streaming service’s annual personalized report for its users. Each year, listeners receive a list of their top artists, songs, and genres across the platform, all based on their streaming habits over the past 365 days.

But this year, Spotify gave music fans a little something extra, assigning its users astrological signs based on the artists they most frequently listen to.

With horoscopes all the rage in 2018, it’s no surprise that people reacted strongly to their results, from surprise and awe to disappointment and disgust. But more than anything, people just want to know what their astrological sign results really mean.

In order to find out, MTV News got in touch with two of the internet’s leading astrologers, Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells, the founder and CEO of @KnowTheZodiac, and Nadine Jane, the woman behind @nadinejane_astrology.

  • Aries

    If you’re a fan of strong, powerhouse Aries vocalists like Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey, you’ve probably spent 2018 building your self-confidence, said Trenou-Wells: “Frequently listening to an Aries artist means you have leadership qualities and enjoy being in control, both at work and in love.”

  • Taurus

    This might not be shocking to find out, but fans of Taurus artists really love a good cry to slow, emotional ballads. That’s why Taurus fans “don’t mind [music] being slow so long as it’s smooth,” said Jane, because a heartbreaking song by Adele or Sam Smith just puts them in the right mood.

  • Gemini

    Those extra passionate about lyrics are likely more partial to Gemini artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Troye Sivan. That doesn’t mean Gemini fans don’t care about the production of the song, but their analytical minds flock to the meaning behind the words. “As soon you hear a song you like,” according to Jane, “you’re the first to jump on Google to read the fine print.”

  • Cancer

    Some of the year’s most talked-about artists, like Ariana Grande and Post Malone, stayed top of mind by by bringing out “your more sensitive and nostalgic side,” said Trenou-Wells. Listening to a lot of Cancer artists can be a visceral experience, as they tend to reflect on past relationships and their passive-aggressive tendencies. Thank you, next!

  • Leo

    If you’re a hardcore stan, there’s a decent chance your fave is a Leo, like Shawn Mendes or Dua Lipa. In fact, listening to Leo music totally transforms you into a more outgoing person. According to Trenou-Wells, your favorite music “helps you feel alive, and it often encourages you to step into the limelight.”

  • Virgo

    The perfectionist really jumped out in Virgo fans — because who doesn’t like a flawless queen like Beyoncé? Appreciating meticulously planned music, visuals, and all-around careers, Virgo fans look for the whole package. It’s simple, really, according to Jane: “You want your music to be perfect and thoughtful.”

  • Libra

    When life gets a little too complicated – like for Libra singer Avril Lavigne – some music fans turn to songs to unwind. They’ll often listen to Libra artists like Bruno Mars or John Mayer for chill vibes. At the end of the day, Libra fans just want music that’ll make them feel at peace, according to Jane.

  • Scorpio

    No judging Scorpio fans for their favorite music, please. They can’t help but love sexy, sensual music from artists like Drake and Frank Ocean. Scorpio fans will be glad to learn that “there’s a high likelihood that you have high sex appeal and the ability to manifest the life of your dreams,” said Trenou-Wells.

  • Sagittarius

    Rarely found sitting still, fans of Sagittarius artists need music that’ll get them on their feet, whether at home or during a night out. Music is even better to dance to, in fact, when unfiltered Sagittarius artists like Nicki Minaj open up about what’s really on their mind. These fans probably have “an opinionated and expressive view on life,” according to Trenou-Wells, and aren’t and “afraid to let it be known.”

  • Capricorn

    When a Capricorn’s music finds its way to your soundtrack, there’s a decent chance you just accomplished something major and are feeling empowered. Fans of Capricorn artists like Zayn and Paramore’s Hayley Williams play by their own rules and love to jam out to songs that “inspire you to secure the bag and live like a boss,” said Trenou-Wells.

  • Aquarius

    Some people like to enter a pop star’s fantasy, but Aquarius fans really appreciate something more stripped down. That’s why they’re often proudly listening to more lyric-driven, personal songs by Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd. As Nadine says, “as long as [an artist] feels authentic, you’re in.”

  • Pisces

    For those music fans ready to get totally lost in an artist’s world, they’ve probably got a thing for Pisces artists. Whether it’s going inside Camila’s mind on her debut album, or revisiting Rihanna’s Anti, Pisces fans “just want to feel what they feel,” Jane said.

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