Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cancels First Live Event

If you’re on the hunt for the “Epic Mercenary” target that was supposed to be part of the first Assassin’s Creed Odyssey live activity, it looks like the trail has gone cold as Ubisoft has canceled the event. It sounds like this is only a minor hurdle, though, as the developer aims to have things figured out in time for next week’s event.

The above tweet rolled out recently through the Assassin’s Creed feed, informing Odyssey fans that the previously scheduled live event for the refresh period beginning Oct. 16 has been totally cancelled. At launch, Ubisoft announced players would receive regularly occurring events within the latest Assassin’s Creed game to help keep things fun and fresh. The live events were planned on an alternating schedule, with mercenary targets and mercenary ships moving in and out of rotation.

Earlier this week, anyone who booted up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was greeted with a message stating that Damais the Indifferent was on the run. The object of the live event was to hunt down and defeat the mercenary in order to earn some sweet in-game loot. Unfortunately, the bugger never showed up to fight. Ubisoft was initially hopeful they’d be able to figure out what went wrong and get the event back on track but, in the end, they hit up social media with the sad news that the event had been totally axed.

The announcement jokes that Damais “bailed” at the last minute, likely due to being afraid of going toe-to-toe with the game’s protagonist. A follow-up note says that he’ll be back at some point, though, to give players a “fair fight as soon as we track him down.”

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a massive game with a lot of moving parts and these live events are just one piece of the puzzle Ubisoft hopes will keep players returning to the game for months to come. In other words, it’s not super shocking that things didn’t go as planned and, based on additional messages, it looks like there will be smooth sailing in the weeks ahead.

I meant that literally, as next week’s live event will take players out to sea. Rather than push the whole schedule back a week, it looks like Ubisoft is just skipping over Damais for the time being and will jump straight to the next activity, which will be a ship battle. Ubisoft tells players to “keep an eye on the Aegean Sea,” as an epic ship is expected to pop up come Oct. 23.

Hopefully, the developer will pull a Bungie here and turn an in-game hiccup into a running joke, which they’ve been known to do quite a few times in Destiny. Maybe they’ll keep this “Indifferent” thread running and call him Damais the Moderately Determined next time around, and maybe even give him some new gear to make it look like he’s been putting in some extra preparation after chickening out.

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