Ariana Grande Seems To Tease Her Fandom’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Tracklist In “Breathin” Video

In a move that’s becoming all-but-standard for her, Ariana Grande gave her fans only 20 minutes to prepare for the release of her breathtaking “breathin” music video. Ariana didn’t give any warning, though, that the video would feed right into her fandom’s tracklist speculation for thank u, next.

After announcing she was working on new music a number of weeks ago, Ariana is expected to drop a full-length album by the end of the year — her second of 2018, after Sweetener. Details of that album have slowly been emerging, some confirmed and some rumored, ever since.

In early October, Ariana teased a nine-song tracklist on her Instagram story, tagging a number of her songwriter and producer collaborators. All nine song titles were blocked out, but it was clear that a whole collection of music was planned for release.

Weeks following that, nine song titles began circulating amongst Ariana’s fans. The tracklist’s origin is unclear, but many fans speculated that the paper’s handwriting looked similar to Ariana’s, and it gained traction. But with twelve songs instead of nine, its credibility wasn’t confirmed.

Following the spontaneous release of “thank u, next” — the song — and the announcement that an album of the same name was due, a fan-made edit of that tracklist, incorporating the “thank u, next” aesthetic, circulated even wider amongst the fandom.

But now, within the “breathin” music video, the tracklist seems to be at least partially confirmed. As Ariana waits a bus station, the departures screen shows many of the same possible song titles as that rumored tracklist, including “NASA,” “Needy,” “Remember” and “Imagine.”

Could any of the departure times, gates and bus numbers mean something, too? Watch the “breathin” music video below and see if you can pick up any more thank u, next teases.

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