Ariana Grande Has No Time for People Making Fun of Her Forehead

After announcing that she was taking a break from social media after her split with Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande returned to Instagram and Twitter this weekend. However, some rude reactions to her latest selfie are a reminder of why she left in the first place.

It seems Grande noticed that some fans were commenting on the size of her forehead in the aforementioned pic, which we included, below. “Also I see some of y’all making fun of my forehead! sorry i have a big forehead ! at least i’m cute and i don’t make fun of other ppl’s foreheads ! suck my d*ck,” she wrote, per BuzzFeed. Grande quickly deleted the tweet, but later added a caption to the Instagram addressing the online vitriol that she received. “IM SRY AB MY FOREHEAD,” she wrote.

On Monday (October 22), Grande took to Twitter to address the forehead issue one more time. “My session got moved til later so i’m back n wanted to say ily one more time even tho y’all hate my forehead,” she wrote.

Though Grande has yet to address her breakup with Davidson directly, he has. During a weekend comedy set in L.A. for a benefit, Davidson joked about the tattoos he got in honor of Grande. “Um, I’ve been covering a bunch of tattoos; that’s fun,” Davidson reportedly said. “I’m f*cking 0 for 2 in the tattoo [department]. Yeah, I’m afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, that’s how bad it is.”

He continued: “So, obviously you know I, we [Ariana and I] broke up or whatever but when me and her first got engaged we got tattoos. And it was like in a magazine like, ‘Was Pete Davidson stupid?’ And 93 percent of it said yes. So my boy, he was like, ‘Don’t listen to that sh*t, man. They’re literally f*cking haters.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, f*ck that. I’m not stupid.’ And the other day we were in my kitchen and he was like, ‘Yo bro. Turns out you were stupid.'”

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