Ariana Grande Celebrated Her Billboard Woman of the Year Award by Getting Tattoos With Her 93-Year-Old Grandma

What kind of things do you like to do with your grandma—bake cookies, share stories, maybe hit some holiday sales? Well, when you’re Ariana Grande hanging out with her gran, things apparently get kicked up a notch.

After accepting the honor of Billboard Woman of the Year, Grande and her half-brother, Frankie, took their grandmother Marjorie Grande—better known as “Nonna” to her family and “legend” to the rest of us—out to get tattoos. Of course, Ariana’s no stranger to ink. She’s got more than we can count—including some new ones covering up the remnants of her broken engagement to Pete Davidson.

But Nonna? This was her first time, and Ariana documented the trip on her Instagram Stories. The Grande matriarch was so chill about the whole thing: She opted for a very sweet tribute to her late husband Frank and had his nickname “Ciccio” tattooed onto her left ring finger (ouch). When the singer asked Nonna how she was feeling about the process, she calmly replied, “I feel fine. I’ve had a little bit more excitement than this.” At one point she even joked, “You don’t know what pain is!”

Fans on social media went nuts for for the bonding moment.

“Ariana holding nonna’s hand while she’s getting her first tattoo is the sweetest thing ever please,” one wrote. “Also I CANT BELIEVE NONNA GOT A TATTOO OMG but it’s so cute and i love it,” said another.

Ariana also got some new ink that night on the top of her hand. New York tattoo artist Mira Mariah shared a photograph of the celestial art on her own Instagram writing, “☀️🌙 for the woman of the year.”

As far as whether Nonna’s caught the tattoo bug…we’ll definitely keep you posted if she and Ariana head out for matching ink sometime soon.

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