Ariana Grande Can’t Stop Dropping Hints About Her Upcoming Thank U, Next Album

Turning her Twitter replies into a full-blown press conference, Ariana Grande couldn’t stop revealing more details on Thursday afternoon about her upcoming Thank U, Next album.

As fans flooded the singer’s mentions with questions, Grande shared as much as she could about “Imagine,” her new single dropping tonight, and the album at large. And despite the fact that Grande has already revealed so much about Thank U, Next, her latest tweets show she’s playing by her own rules for this album release.

As the hours tick down to the release of “Imagine,” fans looked for answers about the single’s cover art. Grande confirmed that a photo from her Instagram story, in which the word “imagine” is written in Kanji, is the official cover art.

Looking beyond tonight’s single release, fans got answers about the Thank U, Next tracklist, which Grande said is now complete and consists of 13 songs.

Those songs include titles like “In My Head” and “Fake Smile,” according to Grande’s afternoon tweets. With previously teased song-title teases in her “Breathin” and “Thank U, Next” music videos, many of the 13 tracks have already been named.

And while Grande won’t specify any favorite tracks besides all of them, she didn’t shy away from sharing her grandmother’s standouts.

Perhaps of most interest to Grande’s fans, it’s looking like Thank U, Next is slated for an early 2019 release at this point. The pop star was quick to calm her fans’ nerves, though: She promised to drop another snippet from the album by the end of this year.

With all those details laid out, Ariana ended her press conference – or at least logged off Twitter for the time being — before the “Imagine” release at 11 ET tonight.

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