Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Call Off Engagement After Mac Miller’s Death

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson weren’t romantically intertwined for a super long time, but the pop singer and the comedian have certainly shared an eventful engagement together. Since they first became an item back in May, it didn’t take long for the couple to get tattoos for one another, dedicate songs in each others’ honor and ultimately get engaged after being in a relationship for a mere two weeks. Now, those days have come to an abrupt end.

As it was recently announced, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have separated, and their heavily-reported engagement is officially finished. Many fans of the musician and comedian are likely discouraged to hear the heartbreaking news, and while there are no official reasons announced as to why the couple decided to call it quits, it might reportedly have something to do with the tragic death of Mac Miller, whom Grande dated before Davidson.

TMZ speculates that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson found a stumbling block in their romantic relationship when Mac Miller was taken from this world last month. Grande is allegedly not in a great emotional headspace since the unexpected death of her former longtime boyfriend, and though she did what she could to help Miller find sobriety, it ultimately wasn’t enough. This emotional unrest might be the reason why she decided to not be Saturday Night Live‘s musical guest during its season premiere a few weeks ago; she was replaced by Kanye West instead.

Upon Mac Miller’s death, sources reportedly close to Ariana Grande claim she needed to reevaluate her life and where she stood. She ultimately felt, according to reports, that she couldn’t be in a committed relationship — particularly one that escalated in such a quick, rapid fashion. That said, this news comes as a surprise to many people; Grande was reportedly close to Davidson during Saturday Night Live‘s latest episode. The implosion of their relationship might’ve happened over the weekend, and now, it seems the young, famous celebrities are no longer linked in each other’s arms.

It has been a rollercoaster of a relationship, and it has also been a pretty, well, revealing one too. But the lightning-fast escalation of their coupling, mixed with the high publicity of their bond and Pete Davidson’s own history of troubles, was perhaps a reason for concern for the young celebs. Combined with the reported heartache and deep-seated sadness that Ariana Grande allegedly feels in the wake of Mac Miller’s death, these factors could paint a picture as to why the couple decided to end their engagement and separate as a couple. It’s unclear if they’ll come back to one another given time.

Of course, one cannot know for certain from a distance what caused these celebrities to terminate their romance. We can only hope that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande find some individual peace during this difficult time away from each other.

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