Aquaman 2 Will Be ‘Off The Hook,’ Jason Momoa Teases In Goofy Training Video

    Aquaman star Jason Momoa makes everything fun. Even working out, or planning to work out, or just sitting there at the Golden Globes. He’s getting ready for Aquaman 2, and that means lots of action and stunts. Momoa seems to be close to everyone he meets, but especially the trainers and stunt crew. He knows they really make these action movies strong (and deserve their own Oscars for it).

    Because he’s just a giant goofball trapped in the body of a guy who looks like he could crush you, Jason Momoa posted some silly Instagram Stories with his Aquaman 2 team, teasing how “off the hook” the Aquaman sequel will be. Here are two videos captured by a (Batman) fan:

    I feel like there’s an in-joke we’re missing there in that top video, but it’s still fun to watch. Jason Momoa also took the time to introduce his stunt team and trainer — including Yoko Hamamura, owner of Point of Impact MMA; plus stuntmen Niko Nedyalkov, Kim Fardy, and Jeremy Marinas.

    Since Aquaman 2 isn’t scheduled for release until December 2022, it’s too early for filming but maybe not for training. As far as we know, the Aquaman sequel isn’t expected to start filming until early 2021, a year from now.

    Aquaman became a massive hit and the DCEU’s first $1 billion movie. Last month, director James Wan celebrated the one-year anniversary of Aquaman‘s release, posting set photos and asking “Who’s ready for the next chapter??!”

    The Aquaman team seems ready. Patrick Wilson (Orm/Ocean Master) said James Wan’s concepts for Aquaman 2 are pushing it even further. Black Manta star Yahya Abdul-Mateen — who had a big year from Black Mirror to Watchmen — said he’s excited to step back into that world again in Aquaman 2. Amber Heard should also be back as Mera, despite the grumblings of some Johnny Depp supporters. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mera — with and without Arthur Curry — in Aquaman 2.

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