Amy Poehler’s ‘Making It’ Overalls Are the Only Pure Thing Left in the World

There’s a good chance that, like me, you’ve spent the last couple weeks (months? years?) searching high and low for soothing content as respite from an alarming, often draconian, news cycle. Cat videos, frenzied online shopping sprees, meditation apps… all well and good, but in my eyes, nothing beats Amy Poehler’s overalls on Making It as pure medicine for my tired soul.

Hosted by Poehler and Nick Offerman, the NBC show is, by far, the feel-good show of the year. It’s a crafting competition full of adorable pun-offs, sweet bits, and the kind of gentle encouragement most of us can only dream of ever receiving in a work environment—think The Great British Baking Show, but with woodworking instead of Victoria sponge cakes. It’s an absolute delight. In every episode, Amy appears in a pair of sturdy overalls; her version of a host uniform. And at this point, spotting her signature outfit is as comforting to me as catching a whiff of my favorite calming candle. As soon as I lay eyes on those strapping dungarees, I know that I’ve made it to the good place.

These overalls are a quiet constant in an increasingly inconsistent and discordant world—and every week, Amy delivers. They bring peace and harmony to my aching psyche and deserve to be celebrated as such. Having spent the majority of the mid-’80s and early 90’s frolicking in overalls of the OshKosh B’Gosh variety, seeing Amy in her own grown-up version of the ultimate play clothes tugs at my heartstrings in a way I never anticipated. These aren’t high-end silk “fashion” rompers we’re talking about—they’re utilitarian, comfy, and simple, just like the overalls my sister and I lived in during our blissed-out, sweet childhood.

Poehler’s overalls set the down-to-earth tone that underlies the entire series. Her casual, easy-going attire helps the contestants feel at ease and lets their handicrafts shine. As the host of a TV show on a major network—and a legitimate celebrity—Amy easily could have made every episode a dramatic fashion moment designed to make her look her glamorous best. But nope! She went the overalls route, and whether they’re maroon, blue denim, olive green, or black, they’re always practical, comfortable, and low-key (and almost always are paired with an equally chill button-down top.)

Much like exercising, listening to true crime podcasts, and petting my dog, Amy’s overalls are the balm for which my soul has been yearning. (And if you’re not caught up, wait until you see her formal overalls from the season finale.) Have you ever heard of anything so pure and good? And as if that weren’t enough, they’re also the best fall outfit inspiration for the cozy weeks and months ahead. While Amy’s overalls are of the hearty, utilitarian variety, there’s a whole host of styles available these days, for any type of shopper.

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