All The Netflix Original Christmas Movies to Binge in 2019

Here at Glamour, we like to think we have refined tastes, whether it’s in regards to fashion or entertainment. And though November and December are some of the best months for movies, it’s not solely because that’s when we get serious contenders for the upcoming award season. No, it’s because of all the delightful, outrageous, cheesy holiday movies suddenly available.

It’s no longer just Hallmark and Lifetime playing the holiday rom-com game either, though they’re definitely powerhouses in the genre. You can now get your saccharine fill from Netflix original Christmas movies, including instant classics like A Christmas Prince (now a franchise!) and The Princess Switch.

This year, the streaming service is offering another slate of original feature-length holiday films (and there are many, many more non-original options). Ranging from royal-adjacent love stories to heartwarming family fare, there’s something for everyone. So no matter where you fall on the seasonal-cheer spectrum, there’s something that will at the very least distract you for a good hour and a half. Take it from us: We’ve watched all the Netflix original Christmas movies available to stream and ranked them. (Warning: Some spoilers ahead.)

It’s been a stressful year, but at least you can count on Hallmark, Lifetime, and Netflix to come through with the holiday cheer. After all, what’s more relaxing than watching an overworked woman fall in love with a Christmas tree farmer? So decompress with all of our delightful holiday content right here.

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