All the Biggest Moments from the New Taylor Swift Documentary, ‘Miss Americana’

“It was so echo-y in there, at the time I didn’t know they were booing him doing that. I thought they were booing me. For someone who’s built their whole belief system on getting people to clap for you, the whole crowd booing is a pretty formative experience,” she says. “That was sort of a catalyst for a lot of psychological paths that I went down. And not all of them were beneficial. It was all fueled by not feeling like I belonged there. I’m only here because I work hard and I’m nice to people. That work ethic, like, thank god I had that work ethic. Like I can’t change what’s going to happen to me but I can control what I write.”

Even When She Was at the Top—Something Was Missing

“That was it, my life had never been better,” she says of the time around 1989 when she won Album of the Year at the Grammys for the second time. ‘That was all you wanted. That was all you focused on…You get to the mountaintop and you look around and you’re like, ‘Oh god, what now?” I didn’t have a partner that I’d climbed it with that I could high-five. I didn’t have anyone I could talk to who could relate to…I had my mom, but I just wondered, ‘Shouldn’t I have someone that I could call right now?'”

Taylor Swift Didn’t Eat Burritos Until a Few Years Ago

We learn this revelation while Swift is working in the studio. “I didn’t ever eat burritos until like two years ago. I just had never tried one,” she says to her producer who remarks, “That’s the weirdest niche thing.” That’s the truth, but happily we see them dive into some delicious-looking burritos and learn that Swift likes to add chips to hers “for crunch.”

She Says She’s Not Ready for Kids

Or at least she wasn’t as she was recording Reputation. “There’s a part of me that feels like I’m 57 years old, but another part of me that’s like definitely not ready to have kids, not ready for all this grown-up stuff,” she says. “I kind of don’t really have the luxury of just figuring stuff out because my life is planned like two years ahead of time. In two months, they’ll come to me with the dates for the next tour.”

Her Relationship With Her Mom Is So Endearing

Andrea Swift appears in much of the film and the singer talks about how hard her mom’s cancer diagnosis was for her as they ride on a private plane with the “cancer dog” Mrs. Swift bought after she heard the news. “She got cancer several years ago. That has been really hard for me because she is my favorite person,” Swift says. “It woke me up from this life where I used to sweat all these things, but like do you really care if the internet doesn’t like you today if you’re mom’s sick from her chemo. You gotta be able to really prioritize what matters to you. For me, it’s my family and my friends.”

We then get a glimpse of family dinner at the Swift house and it looks amazing.

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