Alan Wake Is Back In Digital Stores

For a short time the Alan Wake games were removed from digital storefronts, leading many gamers to fear for the worst. We’ve seen some games come and some games go, meaning if there were a particular game you wanted to purchase Digitally, you may not be able to. Thankfully for fans, Alan Wake is back in Digital stores.

The announcement came through the official Remedy Entertainment Twitter account, where the developers announced that Alan Wake is back on Steam after a short spell of being removed from the digital distribution storefront. And the thriller arrives (or comes back) just in time for Halloween, too.

Not only that, but Remedy announced that during the Halloween spookfest, you will be able to get your hands on a copy of Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare at discounted prices. How discounted? Well, the company went all out, allowing gamers to get their hands on the title for 80% off the normal price. The game was already marked down to just $14.99 after being on the Steam store since 2012 (six years ago) but with the 80% off discount it means you can get your hands on the game for just $3.00.

That’s not all. Fans can also get your hands on a couple of other packages that are discounted as well, including the collector’s edition, which is usually available for $19.99, but since it’s marked down by 80% off you can also get it for only $4.00. Yep, just $4.00. It includes the full game and the collector’s edition extras.

Alternatively, you can get the entire franchise, which includes the base game, American Nightmare, and the collector’s edition extras, all for just $5.00. It, too, is also marked down by 80% off, where it’s regularly sold for $24.99.

Alan Wake originally came out last gen for the Xbox 360, featuring a completely unorthodox lead hero who wasn’t the typical gruff action archetype. Alan Wake was actually just a fiction author who attempted to get away from the daily stresses of everyday life after he hit writer’s block. His wife attempted to get him to clear his head while on vacation and help get him inspired through the muse of serene outdoor life.

However, things took a drastic turn for the couple in the strange town of Bright Falls when Alan Wake’s wife went missing and he slowly became the prime suspect. Alan also began suffering from blackouts and time distortions that played with the very fabric of his reality and the stability of his mind.

The game itself is a third-person shooter with some exploration and dramatic elements. Alan Wake is a quick-paced game that moves at a nice clip and is segmented down like an episodic television series. I guess it makes sense there’s also going to be a TV series based on the property. The hook for the game was that the darkness that canvases Bright Falls can only be defeated with light, forcing players to get creative with how they interact with the environment.

The game was missing from Digital storefronts for a short while but now it’s back on sale and you can get it at a discounted rate during Halloween.

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