A Star Is Born Review

Of course, the driving factor of A Star Is Born’s success is the intense chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. As individual actors, they’re both at the top of their game, with Gaga standing toe to toe with her director / co-star in her first leading film role. But whenever they’re on screen together, you can feel how natural it was for the two of them to slip into these characters, and bounce off of each other’s energy. Conversely, Bradley Cooper stands up to Lady Gaga’s vocal talents, delivering a singing voice that’s more impressive than we ever would have imagined. While there’s definitely a vital and impressive supporting cast with the likes of Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle, Andrew “Dice” Clay and Anthony Ramos, the unquestionable center of this film’s universe is Cooper and Gaga, and they burn with the heat and intensity of a furnace.

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