A New Harry Potter Game May Be On The Way

Even though the movie universe for the mainline Harry Potter adventures may have come to an end, there are still spin-offs being made in the Wizarding World to keep the fires lit in the ever-so-popular brand. In recent times we’ve seen a number of new games emerge based on the Harry Potter universe, and for some reason, there seem to be more and more being made. Or, at least according to one leak, it seems like there may be a new game in the works based on the Harry Potter series that one publishing company doesn’t want you to know about.

According to Eurogamer, BBC News reporter Lizo Mzimba scooped a story that there is apparently a new role-playing game in the works that has not been announced yet. It will supposedly be titled Harry Potter: Magic Awakened or Harry Potter: Magic Forever. Mzimba also commented that there could be other games within the Wizarding World on the way themed around Harry Potter.

The scoop from Mzimba followed a post from Eurogamer that broke earlier in the day about footage that leaked online that appeared to confirm that a new Harry Potter game was in the works. The footage was quickly taken down by Warner Bros. shortly after it was posted. It was originally leaked by a Reddit user who claimed to be part of a marketing research test group which was shown the footage as part of a focus group test. Quite naturally, some people called out the user for creating an elaborate hoax, but he claimed that he did not create the test footage.

The video is a minute and 19 seconds long, and the user copied over the description of the game and posted it in the comment thread on Reddit, where it explains that the game is set in the 19th century within J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. It’s a third-person, open-world, action-RPG that allows you to upgrade your character, and unlock new magic abilities along the way.

Like most games set within Rowling’s universe, you will start the adventure as a new student arriving at Hogwarts, where you’ll attempt to track down and discover the remnants of an ancient power.

The game will supposedly see players journeying through familiar places and brand new locations alike, as well as having the ability to adapt and evolve your wizard into eight different class-types. You’ll be able to create your own character, and choose how they develop throughout the game.

While some accused the user of making all of this up, Eurogamer points out that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was quick to block the video on copyright grounds. If it wasn’t real, though, why would Warner Bros. care about it?

Also, there are mirrors of the video floating around that showcase some really high-fidelity animation and physics properties at play, far above what the Xbox One and PS4 are capable of. According to Eurogamer this mystery game is supposedly a year off from release, and if that is the case — and if the CG-quality graphics are anything to go by — it could easily mean that this Harry Potter project could end up being for the PlayStation 5 and whatever the next-gen Xbox will be. This is all assuming that the project is actually in development, of course.

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