A History Of Sabrina Carpenter’s Love Affair With Paris

Long-time Sabrina Carpenter fans know that her new single, “Paris,” isn’t just a cute, lil bop of a love song. It’s been years in the making, with Sabrina’s love for the city of Paris finally coming to musical fruition.

Sabrina’s social media history is proof of that Parisian affair, with posts and photos that document the time before and after she visited the place she always loved. That dates back to 2013, when Sabrina told a fan “Je t’aime Paris” — “I love you Paris” — on her 14th birthday.

Just a year later, Sabrina asked fellow Disney star Landry Bender to bring Paris to her during a European trip. “Yes Landry, I’d like all of Paris,” Sabrina told Landry, hinting that the singer had serious feelings for the city.

Those feelings were all but confirmed in August 2014 when Sabrina looked forward to the day when she would finally visit Paris. Again in 2016, Sabrina said in a video for VEVO that Paris was at the top of her travel list.

Sabrina’s dreams finally came true in 2017 with a sold-out show, allowing her to show off more of the French skills she’d been preparing.

She even spent her 18th birthday in the city, which called for plenty of Instagram posts.

Sabrina visited the city again in 2018 with Girl Meets World co-star Rowan Blanchard, another monumental moment for two young women who’d long imagined a trip to Paris together after learning French for three years. That long-term plan was even confirmed by the Girl Meets World writers themselves.

That trip was again documented by plenty of Instagram posts, one even captioned with “it’s so romantic in Paris,” a key lyric from the new single.

As fans have been commenting on her Parisian posts all day, we been knew! Hear how Sabrina’s obsession with the city of love influenced her lyrics on “Paris” off Singular: Act 1 below.

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