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8 Mortal Kombat Characters We’re Still Hoping We’ll See In The New Movie

Johnny Cage

Okay, so, like Kitana, Johnny Cage is another “how is he not in this movie?” situation. Johnny Cage is 1 of the OG, Mortal Kombat kombatants, and EVERY character from that first game has been invited to the party except for JC (or at least, he’s not been confirmed). Johnny Cage was inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme and is a movie star in his own right. His famous moves are the shadow kick and the nutcracker, and he’s usually brought around for the comic relief. Again, how can he not be in this movie?

When I initially saw screenshots for the film, I actually thought newcomer Cole Young (played by Lewis Tan) was going to be Johnny Cage, but nope, I was wrong. But seriously, I know we already have our normal human quotient filled up with Cole, but I still think Johnny Cage would be a great addition to this film, if only to fill out the complete roster of the original game.

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