8 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Spinoff Movies On Disney’s Streaming Service

Not content to have the biggest blockbuster on the big screen, Disney is turning its attention to the growing world of exclusive streaming services with Disney Play. Due to launch in 2019, the service will contain a number of original Disney projects from it numerous brands, and that will reportedly include the MCU. TV spinoffs for characters like Scarlet Witch and Loki are apparently in the works with the involvement of the same actors. That’s a pretty awesome idea, and while TV shows are great and all, movies would be just as great a format.

Part of what makes the spinoff idea great is that it gives smaller characters a chance to shine in their very own project. The MCU’s stable of characters expands with every single movie, and plenty of them are worthy of their own solo adventures. Plus, the fact that these would be airing on Disney Play opens up the format and style — not every movie has to end with a big action spectacle. With that in mind, here are some of the characters that I think would do well on Disney Play, excluding the ones who reportedly already have something in the works.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

I know I’m already cheating, but this is different! It’s a Scarlet Witch AND Vision movie. While Scarlet Witch is good on her own, there’s still loads to explore about her relationship with Vision. One of the downsides of the MCU is that there is story happening between the movies that we never get to see. Case in point, we never actually see Wanda and Vision get together. They are already in love at the start of Avengers: Infinity War. That’s a natural side effect of this form of storytelling, but spinoff movies can help fill in the gaps. That’s why a Scarlet Witch and Vision romance movie would help provide extra context and make their ultimate fate more meaningful. You can play fast and loose with the period it’s set, but the best might be between Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War.


Will this dog ever have his day? Yes, in his very own movie on Disney Play. The most underrated Avenger hasn’t had as much opportunity to shine as his colleagues have, and he had to sit out of Infinity War, but Hawkeye would make an excellent fit for a spinoff. People have long asked for some kind of Hawkeye content, and it might be time to give the people what they want. Writer Matt Fraction’s run on the character in the comics is pretty much the go-to inspiration for the character, and Fraction’s story helped cement Hawkeye as the Regular Dude of Marvel heroes. There is mileage to gain from this character, either focusing on his time as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., his struggle as a superhero family man, or taking a self-aware look at his less than glamorous place alongside his fellow Avengers.

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