8 Major Movie Golden Globes Snubs For 2018

It’s a hard truth, revealed every awards season. It’s not possible to nominate everything. And so a bunch of seemingly deserving movies and performances get left on the outside, looking in. The Golden Globes announced its nominations in the fields of Movies and Television this morning (get the full movies list here), and while a number of worthy films are celebrating, an equal number of hopefuls have seen their campaigns damaged — though not entirely dashed.

Sam Elliott, A Star is Born

The biggest snub on the morning appears to be an actor who many thought would sweep every Best Supporting Actor category en route to a well-deserved Oscar. But while Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born was well represented in numerous categories, Sam Elliott was left out of the Supporting Actor field, with his slot possibly going to Adam Driver for BlackKklansman.

First Man

Damien Chazelle’s moon drama wasn’t shut out entirely — Justin Hurwitz’s score was recognized, as was Claire Foy. But the serious Oscar chances of this once-thought contender took a real hit when it didn’t earn noms for Ryan Gosling, Chazelle in Director, or Picture. There’s always the chance that Academy members will appreciate the historical drama more than the Hollywood Foreign Press did. But with Universal pushing Green Book instead, First Man may be end up in second place.


Speaking of being overlooked, where is ANY love for Widows? Steve McQueen’s heist thriller has one of the finest ensembles on screen this year. It’s a crackerjack crime thriller that features incredible work from Viola Davis, Daniel Kaluuya, Elizabeth Debicki and more. The movie isn’t catching on at the box office (shame), and it didn’t catch on with the Hollywood Foreign Press, either.

Mary Poppins songs

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns picked up a spoonful of Globes nominations this morning, signifying that the film was a hit with the HFPA. And yet, none of the film’s Original Songs cracked that category, despite the fact that it’s the only full-blown musical in the bunch. If the group didn’t like the songs in Mary Poppins Returns, what was it about the movie that they connected with?

First Reformed

This is another film that has held on Oscar hopes, and likely still has them (as A24, the backing studio, knows how to properly play the Oscar game. But at this time of the year, every movie wants to stay in the headlines, and First Reformed getting overlooked by the Globes hurts its momentum a little. At the very least, Ethan Hawke likely thought he’d hear his name in the Best Actor category, while the films probably eyed a Screenplay nod that never materialized.

A Quiet Place

Genre films did well at the Golden Globes. Black Panther took home a Best Picture — Drama nominee (yay!!), while the rom-com Crazy Rich Asians picked up some nods. Eyes were on A Quiet Place to see if the unique horror movie could crack through in some major categories. It didn’t. Emily Blunt got her recognition for Mary Poppins Returns, which likely dented A Quiet Place‘s chances. The definition of irony? The only Golden Globes nod earned by Quiet Place is for the movie’s Score. HILARIOUS.

Cold War

The Foreign Language Globe likely already belongs to Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma. The director got a Director nod, and while his film wasn’t eligible for Best Picture — Drama, this probably means it’s a shoe-in for the Foreign Language win. That didn’t stop fans from getting upset about the movies that are lining up to lose to Cuaron. The loudest complaints came from Cold War fanatics, as many believe Pawel Pawlikowski’s black-and-white romance might even be one of the YEAR’s best films, not just a foreign film. Alas, the HFPA left it off their list. Will the Academy save it?

Toni Collette and the Hereditary train

This one was a long shot — a Hail Mary even — but it appears that Toni Collette’s Oscar dreams might be dashed as her exquisite performance in Hereditary is largely getting overlooked. Breaking through in a horror movie is difficult, though not impossible. Collette, in fact, received an Oscar nom for The Sixth Sense. But my awards senses tell me her Oscar train derailed when Hereditary missed a Globes nom. Don’t lose your head over the snub, though. We’ll always have the movie to cherish.

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