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7 Strange Mortal Kombat Facts To Know Ahead Of The Reboot

There Is More Than One Sub-Zero

A hardcore fan of Mortal Kombat may know this, but a more casual fan could go their entire life without knowing that there are canonically two Sub-Zero characters in the universe. The first one, Bi-Han, was a combatant in the first Mortal Kombat but was killed by Scorpion. His brother, Kuai Liang, is also a Cryomancer and took up the mantle in honor of his brother, hoping to ultimately gain vengeance against Scorpion.

Here’s where it gets a bit weirder, Bi-Han (OG Sub Zero) was resurrected in the Mortal Kombat universe but did not become Sub-Zero. Instead, he’s known as Noob Saibot, which was originally a joke character whose name backward is that of the franchise creator, Tobias “Ed” Boon. Interestingly enough, the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie will feature Bi-Han as Sub-Zero, so it’s worth watching to see where he ends up by the time the movie ends.

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