7 Parallels Between Pixar’s Onward and Harry Potter

    The Search For A Window To Retrieve The Parent(s) They Lost

    The theme of losing a parent is no stranger to famed movie characters. Actually, more often than not is a key character without a parent than with one. But, when it comes to Onward and Harry Potter, there are some borrowed themes. For Ian Lightfoot in Onward, his main goal is to spend a day with his father now that he’s been given this spell. He never got to meet him and he feels as though something is missing in his life. But as much as he tries, he does not get to meet him. In Harry Potter’s case, both his parents were killed by Voldemort as a child and that’s the root of his story. The moment between Harry and the Mirror of Erised where he gets to see his parents briefly and imagine them certainly reminds one of Onward‘s final moments as well.

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