6 Witches on the Best Mystical Beauty Products

Like vampires and werewolves, every few decades or so, witchcraft becomes “trendy” again in pop culture—just look at the wave of witchy reboots like Charmed and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. While it may seem like a repeating fad, in actuality, real witches have been around since antiquity. Some stumbled upon the craft in new-age shops, others were born into brujeria, but one thing rings true for them all: being a witch is all about reclaiming power. And much of that power can come from practicing daily beauty rituals.

“I see self-care not just as the things you’re doing to yourself on the outside, you’re using physical tools to manifest things in your life—you can transform yourself and make yourself feel powerful,” says enchantress Bri Luna, who goes by @thehoodwitch on Instagram. Her daily ritual, which she calls “Glamour Magic,” marries grooming, adornment, and spirituality. “I set a mindful intention when I get ready each day,” she tells Glamour. “I’ll light a candle for a specific purpose, or perform a cleansing ritual using certain herbs, stones, or colors on my body. I welcome the magical and unexpected to occur in my life.”

Their tinctures, lotions, and potions play an important part in their routines, and as interest in the mystic has risen on social media, the beauty industry has taken notice. There’s been a recent uptick in products marketed around “witchy beauty,” both enchanting in concept and in packaging. See Bite Beauty’s entire zodiac collection or Fresh’s new astrology-themed lip treatments. You can even buy palo santo and energy-clearing kits at your local Urban Outfitters (a phenomenon some real witches scoff at, given that these products are meant to be sacred).

What really makes a product mystic, though—as witches put it—differs from witch to witch. A regular red lipstick has the power to manifest energy when worn with intent. “The power of color is real, and I use color intentionally,” says art witch Sarah Potter. “When I get dressed every day, when I get my nails done, even with the makeup I choose the wear.” Ahead, are the products they use to channel their powers in the corporeal world.

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