6 International Films Worth Streaming On Netflix After Parasite’s Oscars 2020 Wins

Call My Agent! — This French series is a comedy set in the movie industry following the agents of French stars, who show up and play exaggerated versions of themselves. It’s hilarious and addictive and I’m almost certain you’d love it if you tried it. Stream it at the title link.

Occupied — This Norwegian political thriller series is my favorite show on Netflix at the moment. It just finished Season 3 and is worth the time investment. If you like smart, timely, global, political shows, this is it.

Dark — This German sci-fi thriller is a mind-bender you might need some timeline charts to follow. But it has earned a passionate fan base, and once you get sucked into the mystery you’ll understand why.

3% — I didn’t think I’d be interested in a Brazilian Hunger Games-like series, but this dystopian series sucked me right in. This one and Call My Agent are pretty mainstream-friendly, and this series is so clever in the ways it tests the audience as well as the 3% of 20-year-olds trying to get into the Offshore.

Erased — I’m a sucker for time travel storylines and this Japanese series follows a struggling manga artist who has the ability to travel back in time to try and prevent imminent tragedies. I was fully hooked.

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