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5 Ways The Star Wars Sequels Are Better Than the Prequels

The Sequels Included Fan Favorites Like Luke, Han, And Leia. Again, Whether You Liked It Or Not

OK, so I kind of hate this, but I know a lot of Star Wars fans really wanted to know what happened to Luke, Han, and Leia (and I guess Lando Calrissian) following the events of the original trilogy, and the sequels gave fans that story. Now, most fans weren’t happy with what they got with Luke and Leia (especially with Carrie Fisher’s untimely demise). But this is a continuation of the story that a lot of the fans wanted to see, and the sequels gave us that story, while the prequels didn’t. 

Now, this is actually one of the biggest detriments to the sequels if you ask me. The old characters took away from the importance of the new characters. But I’m not like, a mega Star Wars fan or anything like that. I don’t go ka ka cuckoo when Luke Skywalker appears on The Mandalorian. Like, I just don’t care. Those characters were great for the old trilogy, but I wanted a new, fresh cast. And Rey, Poe, and Finn weren’t cutting it. But…

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