5 Total-Body Workout Machines That Put Your Treadmill to Shame

MIRROR offers a techy new take on home machines.
MIRROR offers a techy new take on home machines.

What looks like a fancy mirror is actually an interactive home gym craftily hidden within an LCD screen and controlled via iOS app (pictured above). For $39 a month it can stream live and on-demand classes with Mirror trainers in boxing, HIIT, yoga and more. A built-in camera allows trainers to see you and shout real time feedback, and in early 2019 you’ll be able to access one-on-one coaching outside of classes. Meanwhile, trainers can help you hit a target-heart-rate zone by analyzing health data you sync from your Apple Watch via Bluetooth. “Target-heart-rate training is great as a motivator and way to gauge progress, whether it’s for fat burning or endurance,” said Steve Uria, trainer of pro athletes and owner of New York’s Switch Playground. “Mirror does that really well.” $1,495, mirror.co

2. TechnoGym SKILLBIKE

Sorry, Peloton—this new stationary bike is the only one with real gear shifting to make you feel like you’re riding trails. Capable of simulating hills from -3% grade up to 15%, the bike forces you to shift as its resistance changes and neatly tracks your power and RPMs on a 7-inch LCD console, along with speed, heart rate and distance pedaled. “Hill climbing can be a great way to build strength,” said Jacque Crockford, exercise physiology content manager at the American Council of Exercise. “When combined with the mental challenge of truly shifting gears, it may also help to build confidence and speed.” Sync SKILLBIKE to your Strava or Garmin accounts, and you can ride routes mapped by cyclists throughout the real world. $4,790, technogym.com

3. Hydrow

Rowing uses roughly 86% of the body’s muscles, compared with 44% for biking or running, making it one of the most efficient cardio workouts. “When using your upper and lower body simultaneously, you burn way more calories,” said Mr. Uria. With fluid lines that would look as good on the water as in a living room, the sleek Hydrow lets you train alongside Olympic champions via its touch screen monitor as they row live on the water. For $38 a month, you can access workouts from 5 to 60 minutes across four intensity levels. And instead of a noisy fan wheel or chain, its computer-controlled resistance tech automatically adjusts 100 times a second to help you glide through a workout, making it well-suited for at-home use. $2,199; hydrow.com

5 Total-Body Workout Machines That Put Your Treadmill to Shame
4. ICAROS Home

Launched in August, ICAROS looks like something you’d find in a NASA lab, not a home gym. The company calls it “active VR”—donning a VR headset, you lay down in plank position, grab its two handles and then fly, ski, swim or drive through virtual worlds by controlling the gyroscopic machine with your body (as it moves, you engage major muscles—with a focus on your core and upper body—and test your reflexes and coordination). “Engaging core muscles and promoting balance is an important aspect of well-rounded fitness, while gamifying a workout keeps you engaged,” said Ms. Crockford. The machine works with VR headsets like the HTC Vive, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, as well as Samsung Tablets. $2,800, icaros.com

5 Total-Body Workout Machines That Put Your Treadmill to Shame
5. Bowflex HVT

The HVT stands for “hybrid velocity training”—in other words, combining short bursts of cardio and total-body strength training for an intense workout that burns fat and builds muscle in 20 minutes. The HVT comes with three preprogrammed workout modes as well as Bluetooth technology, to let you sync additional workouts from a smartphone app and track your progress and stats. “With varying resistance, tempo and directional settings, this machine may help to improve your strength, power and endurance when used consistently,” said Ms. Crockford. It isn’t small or particularly sleek, but it allows you to dream up an unusual number of exercise programs. $1,799, bowflex.com

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