5 Things Black Panther 2 Needs To Include

More Gadgets

Wakanda has the most advanced technology on the planet, and we got to see a good amount of it in Black Panther, like holograms, mini-EMPs, and flying ships. However, the movie didn’t show off very many gadgets for Black Panther. He mostly relied on his kinetic energy blast, which was cool, but you’d think the most technological hero would be packing some variety. In the comics, Black Panther has several gadgets and weapons, such as a pair of energy daggers. From an action perspective, it would be great to see more tools for Black Panther, but it would also help the hero stand out more from the crowd. Apart from his blast, he’s just strong and fast, and pretty much everyone in the MCU is strong and fast. Also, I want him to ride around on a motorcycle.

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