5 Survivors of Jeffrey Epstein’s Abuse on Trauma, Justice, and Sisterhood

Rachel Benavidez: This is important stuff, and this is an important sisterhood that we have. And Virginia said, “Well, we want to focus on moving forward,” which absolutely, I do. I want to move forward with this, and help other women and children.

Virginia Giuffre: That’s what we were.

Rachel Benavidez: So, it’s very important. For me, I’m still in that phase of healing and trauma, and processing that. But I want to move forward. And I feel like with my sisterhood, with these women, and all the other hundreds who aren’t here, that that can really help me. So, thank you, Virginia, for putting yourself out there on all levels, and providing this opportunity for all of us.

Virginia Giuffre: It means the world.

Rachel Benavidez: You’re beautiful. And you’re so strong. And I love when you speak, you’re like, “Yeah, and what about going after that bitch” [laughter]. It was like, yeah, yes. I’m just happy to be here, and I’m happy to share my story. But I’m very teary, so I’m sorry. And I’m a ugly crier.

Virginia Giuffre: Don’t worry!

Rachel Benavidez: It’s not too pretty.

Teresa Helm: Speaking about the sisterhood of everyone gathering throughout these, this time? I don’t even know how to put it. These times, this time? What is this?

Rachel Benavidez: It’s a time warp. It feels like I’m in a time warp, actually.

Virginia Giuffre: It’s a past, present, and future topic.

Teresa Helm: It is. It is a past, present, and future. I mean, it’s been nearly two decades since this all began. Who knew that nearly two decades later, I would be sitting around discussing this now, going through it, seeing the events unfold as they have? And who knows how they’re going to continue to unfold?

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