5 Marvel Villains That Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against Batman

    Hear me out: being the world’s greatest detective, locating and retrieving the remaining Infinity Stones before Thanos can get ahold of them by way of deductive reasoning, interrogation, and clever bargaining with Red Skull at Vormir (he is also a very persuasive talker) would be a relative breeze. Of course, when you cross Thanos, there is sure to be hell to pay, to which Batman would have the perfect response: the Hellbat, a suit of armor developed by the Justice League specifically for combat against superhuman threats, which has come in handy against big bads like Darkseid and Eradicator. With the help of that suit, Bats could defeat the Mad Titan in a round or two, with no lives resorted to dust, time travel made unnecessary, and the world resting easily knowing that the most powerful device in the universe is safe in Batman’s possession.

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