5 Fun, Different Ways to Wear Beanies—That All Work

On the flip side, you can draw attention to your colorful beanie by wearing nothing but neutrals—like Kristen Bell does here. For the ultimate effect, pick a vibrant color like purple or neon green and match it with clothing in shades of black, white, and grey. You paid for that beanie, after all. Let the world see it.

Match with a graphic shirt or sweater

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If you’re looking for that effortlessly cool vibe, this is it. Go with a black beanie and black graphic tee to emulate those scene kids you desperately wanted to befriend in 2006. Lucy Hale gets it.

Color, but keep it muted

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If neon green is too much, the pop of color still works in less-intense tones, like maroon and deep blue. And, honestly, shades like that are more in line with winter, anyway. If you prefer, save the “look at me” palette for summer and warm up with some, well, warmer colors for now. Please see: Reese Witherspoon on a recent outing with her dog.

And wild card: a beanie in the summer

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If Ashley Tisdale can do it then so can you, right? But really: a beanie can work in the summer. The trick to not burning up is going super light and airy with your clothes—a simple white T-shirt and shorts will do just fine.

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