5 DC Villains That Could Easily Defeat Spider-Man

Teth-Adam, the son of Ramses, was once the champion of Shazam before Billy Batson and, instead of being granted the wizard’s powers, was given the “Stamina of Shu,” the “Swiftness of Heru,” the “Strength of Amon,” the “Wisdom of Zehuti,” the “Power of Aton,” and the “Courage of Mehen” (or, self-sustenance, flight, clairvoyance, magic lightning, and immortality, among other things), which almost sounds like a better deal. In other words, Black Adam (who has teetered between heroism and villainy since gaining his power) is basically a living Swiss Army knife of abilities that Spider-Man could probably deal with individually, but not all together. Unless Spidey can enlist Doctor Strange to perform or convince Shocker to help him revert Adam back to his mortal form with enough electricity (his only known weaknesses other than ego), the webslinger is going down.

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