3 Big Ways Better Call Saul Set Up An Intense Season 4 Finale

Mike Is On The Hunt For Werner

Who is truly to blame for the way the episode ended? Is it Rainer Bock’s overworked Werner, who took advantage of each olive branch he was offered by Mike, including the strip club visit and the extended phone call to his wife? Or is it Mike, who believed in Werner’s claims about how quickly and efficiently his crew would be able to complete the superlab’s construction, possibly only because Mike was sick of already having dealt with other applicants?

Oh, right, Werner is definitely to blame. He spent all that time out there in mostly solitude, only to sabotage it all in the end by plotting an escape to go back to his home. Knowing Mike — who is definitely not comparable to Walter White, according to star Jonathan Banks — the German team leader’s home won’t actually be his final destination. Instead, I think he’ll end up taking a long nap somewhere in the desert, perhaps even beneath the superlab’s floors. And that’s not even considering the fate of everyone else on the construction team. Kai has had a target on his head all season, but will the others also get murdered in quick haste?

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