25 Christmas Love Songs With Mistletoe Potential

Ick factor: Very slight. If you avoid the video, the boy band fantasies hold up.

Mistletoe potential: Sure, if it involves 2000s-era *NSYNC.

Sample lyric: “There’ll be much mistletoe-ing and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near.”

Romance factor: If it’s the Andy Williams version, then high.

Ick factor: Well, if you’re talking about mistletoe-ing, it kind of kills the vibe.

Mistletoe potential: Sure, but that trip to the mistletoe comes with a big “ugh” for ruining the moment.

Sample lyric: “But with my baby far away what good is mistletoe?”

Romance factor: Huge, mostly because its Elvis begging Santa for some Christmas love.

Ick factor: Maybe just a little clingy…

Mistletoe potential: Anything with Elvis has mistletoe potential.

Sample lyric: “We’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland…”

Romance factor: There is glistening snow and bluebirds singing love songs, so that’s romantic. Unless, of course, you slip while walking in this idyllic winter wonderland. Wear sensible shoes!

Ick factor: Definitely cheesy, but a low ick factor.

Mistletoe potential: What good is stroll through a winter utopia without at least some smooching?

Sample lyric: “Oh he makes me feel so lovely, so sexy, I’m so in la-la-la-la-love.”

Romance factor: Destiny’s Child sings about getting “Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring,” plus “a nice back rub and he massaged my feet,” so a lot.

Ick factor: It comes in the line about “a crop jacket and a dirty denim jeans.” Why are those jeans dirty? Everything was going so well!

Mistletoe potential: ALL OF THE POTENTIAL. I’ll forgive the dirty jeans.

Sample lyric: “I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know.”

Romance factor: All of it, this song is everything, go home, other Christmas carols, BYE. Mariah sends her love.

Ick factor: Nothing, duh. Although you are more likely to drunkenly scream-karaoke this song six times in a row with 14 of your closest girlfriends than you are to play it quietly while staring into the eyes of your love. But really, is that any less special?

Mistletoe potential: Getting a proposal from the love of your life.

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