23 Best Hair Accessories for Spring 2020: Headbands, Scrunchies, and More

Two of the biggest trends in fashion right now couldn’t be more disparate. Fashion week street style proves women are pairing the best hair accessories with matching pantsuits, striking up an interesting dichotomy that proves we really can do it all. Think a boldly-colored power suit with as many pearl bobby pins that will fit in your hairline at a given time, or a statement sleeve with an equally voluminous scrunchie. And although the prevalence of girlish hair accessories doesn’t hold the same symbolism as, say, the white pantsuit, there’s something to be said about going all-in with whimsical hair adornments while simultaneously getting shit done. Why leave the rhinestone braids or high headbands for little girls? Strong women can wear bows! And say what you will about Blair Waldorf, but she was a badass who didn’t let cute accessories downplay her tough exterior.

It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly hair accessories started trending, but they’ve been having a renaissance for a few years now. It started innocently with some scrunchies from Mansur Gavriel and quickly escalated with a $400 crystal Gucci hair clip that took over Instagram. Despite the appeal of a designer hair trinket, you don’t have to spend hundreds to take your ponytail up a notch. If you didn’t happen to hold on to all your old hair ribbons and claw clips, don’t despair. There are tons of options online now, from this oversize organza scrunchie to this Lele Sadoughi Bejeweled Denim Headband. Ahead, check out our favorite styling inspo and shop the best hair accessories ideas for spring 2020.

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