21 Practical Gifts for the Most Type-A Person on Your List

When buying presents for your loved ones, ‘practical gifts’ may not rank at the top of their Christmas wish list. But, hear us out, they’re actually some of the most satisfying gifts you can give or receive. We’re talking things that are problem-solvers—the stuff you might buy on your own, but have, on multiple occasions, told yourself “It’s okay, I’ll just deal with it.”

Practical gifts are low-key the biggest treat yourself gifts under the tree if you know what you’re looking for. So we did the legwork and walked the fine line between boring and useful to find you practical-but-fun gifts to add to your list, ASAP. Think a new set of Beautyblenders for your sister (because it’s about time hers were replaced), or a cute fabric shaver to keep your mom’s woolly sweaters soft.

In the spirit of gifting with intention, shop our 21 favorite practical gifts anyone will get a kick out of. From your Type-A best friend who could use a breather to your doting partner who’s monopolized the phone charger, these won’t end up in the back of a cupboard, or worse—underneath the bed, collecting dust.

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