Kim Taehyung aka V shared a glimpse of Run BTS choreography.

Kim Taehyung aka V shared a glimpse of Run BTS choreography.  The Army Calls It 'Light'

BTS recently debuted their 'Run BTS' performance during their concert in Busan.  Since their stage performance, fans have demanded a rehearsal video of Run BTS choreography.  While Big Hit Music has yet to release a bangtan BTS of it, Kim Taehyung aka V has taken the baton upon herself.  Sharing a small glimpse of it on Instagram, V shared that he felt lighter as he performed on stage.


 BTS Rehearsal Video

 In the rehearsal video, members RM, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope and V are seen rehearsing for a full-pack dance performance.  While V is seen wearing a half-sleeved T-shirt, Jungkook's long hair has got ARMY excited.  A glimpse of the rehearsal made fans demand a full video from the label.

Check video:

About Busan Concert

Meanwhile, the Busan concert was a huge one. The concert saw attendance from around the world as well as a large number of registrations in online streaming.  BTS member Jin announced that he would be releasing a solo album soon.  This news got fans excited.  The members thanked ARMY for their trust and requested them to keep their trust in them in future also.  They were full of gratitude to the fans and promised to continue performing.

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