18 Best Plants for Bedrooms: Swiss Cheese Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, and More

    Sleep is a $28 billion industry—we throw our money at a dreamier night’s rest, promise ourselves we’ll prioritize it, and then gripe when we’re still, inevitably, so tired. Despite our collective obsession with sleep, we seem totally unable to get more of it. In fact, we’re clocking fewer hours than ever. So this month, we’re taking a look at what’s getting in the way—and what to do about it.

    Years ago, you might have gone to your local botanical garden to take in the prettiest plants around, but now, you can easily take a quick scroll through Instagram for all of the horticulture inspiration you need. The internet’s obsession with houseplants took off years ago and hasn’t lost steam, because unlike the latest runway trends, good ol’ fashioned greenery never really goes out of style.

    For Sleep Month, Glamour is honing in on everything you need to catch the best Zzz’s of your life, including including bedroom plant ideas you’ve never thought of before. (That means plants that will actually thrive in your humble abode.) Naturally, we hit up the masters behind some seriously stunning plant-filled Instagram accounts, and they told us the best plants for bedrooms—from tropical ones that symbolize enlightenment to hanging plants with grape vine-like leaves. Ahead, bonafide plant whisperers share the plants that deserve a spot in the most sacred space of all.

    Pilea Peperomioides aka the UFO Plant

    Courtesy of @elizablank

    “Houseplants are fantastic anywhere in your home, but I especially love them in the bedroom. Not only do plants look beautiful, but they offer a host of other benefits–from helping to purify the air you breathe, to boosting mental health with their calming, relaxing effects. A single plant on the dresser, an assortment of different sized plants on your windowsill, or a DIY’ed living plant wall can bring serenity and greenery into your space. One of my favorites is the pilea peperomioides aka the pancake plant, UFO plant, or coin plant, known for its cute circular leaves. A self-propagator, the pilea produces sweet little babies or “pups” on its own, which pop up from the soil surrounding the mother plant. It loves soaking up the sun so I keep it on the sill in my bedroom, where it gets bright light. Other favorites include the insanely low-maintenance snake plant, as well as lush, trailing pothos which give my bedroom instant jungle vibes.” —Eliza Blank, @elizablank

    Pilea Peperomioides

    The Sill


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    Snake Plant Laurentii

    The Sill


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    Monstera Deliciosa aka the Swiss Cheese Plant

    Courtesy of @tula.luna

    “My favorite bedroom plant would definitely be the montsera, otherwise known as the swiss cheese plant. The big, holey leaves add depth to any room and are so easy to care for. They happily take quite a bit of water, but only need to be watered once a week. As climbing plants, they can grow up to 10-feet tall if you poke sticks in the soil for them to latch onto. The best part is you only need to buy one, then place new leaf cuttings into potted soil, and you’ll have plenty more in no time. Most of the cheese plants in my house (I have 11!) came from a small one I found thrown out on the street. I’ve also gotten some from Freecycle, and the rest are from plant swaps where my friends and I meet up for coffee and trade cuttings of our favorite houseplants, which is so much fun!” —Tula Luna, @tula.luna

    Monstera Deliciosa



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    Small Live Assorted Air Plant – Set of 4

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    Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lily

    Courtesy of @floraamalie

    “Air purifiers are important when it comes to my bedroom, and the peace lily is one of the best. Many tropical plants are easily over-watered, but this one enjoys a little extra moisture and will even tell you when it needs more—the droopy leaves say it all! I also love banyan tree or ginseng ficus, which is sacred in Buddhism. Since the bedroom should be a place for resting and regenerating, these plants symbolize blessings and enlightenment, providing a sort of spiritual purification in addition to literally cleansing the air.” —Flora Amalie, @floraamalie

    Peace Lily Floor Plant




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    Medium Gensing Ficus Tree




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    Dragon Tree aka Dracaena

    Courtesy of @junglecasita

    Dragon trees may help eliminate smoke particles and can survive in medium light. I also love the pothos n’joy, thanks to its ability to add natural decor with its beautifully colored leaves. You can either hang it and let the vines trail, or pin them against your wall with command strips for a living wall situation. In terms of shopping, I prefer supporting local businesses which tend to be more thoughtful in ensuring the plants are pest-free. My favorite San Francisco plant shops are Flora Grubb Gardens and Utsuwa, but I also love Trader Joe’s for hidden gems.” —Arta Halili, @junglecasita

    Mass Cane Floor Plant




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    Large N’Joy Pothos with Hanger




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    Courtesy of @viktoria.dahlberg

    “A good mix of plants help create an airy, welcoming feel, and my top picks for the bedroom have to be hanging pothos plants, bird-of-paradise, and cacti. If you’re looking for something particularly low-maintenance or don’t have the best natural light, you can’t go wrong with a good cactus, because it’ll add instant texture and a rustic feel to your room. I usually head to the Flower District in Manhattan for bigger plants like my fiddle leaf fig tree, and I buy smaller plants from the Crest Hardware Urban Garden Center or Sprout Home in Brooklyn.” —Viktoria Dahlberg, @viktoria.dahlberg

    White Bird of Paradise

    Home Depot


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    Courtesy of @plantsiren

    “My plants make me smile each and every day. It’s a simple joy, really, but I can’t see my life without them. I have an actual jungle in my house, but my favorites for the bedroom are bromeliads, lavender, and orchids. The scent of lavender relaxes my mind, and the blooms of orchids and bromeliads inspire productivity and uplift my spirit, leading me to share happiness with everyone I meet. Aside from their beauty, I love plants’ ability to heal my mind, body, and soul.” —Sarah B., @plantsiren

    Bromeliad in Decor Pot

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    4-Stem Phalaenopsis In Glass



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    Heartleaf Philodendron

    Courtesy of Melissa Campbell
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