17 Best T-Shirts for Women, According to Diehard Reviews

They may be a humble wardrobe essential, but the best t-shirts for women are as hotly debated as the best denim. You can never have too many—winter calls for the perfect tee to wear under cozy jackets, no wardrobe is complete without a summer crop top, and the perfect layering shirt can give your dresses new life come spring and fall.

There are baby tees, ’tissue’ turtlenecks, and varying necklines from crew to boatneck and deep-V. Of course, with all this choice comes some seriously strong opinions (in the form of Internet reviews) about which styles and brands make the perfect tee. So we went ahead and waded through thousands of them—on Amazon, Everlane, Free People, and more—to come up with this list of the 17 best t-shirts for women. Dare you to buy just one.

Some reviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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