14 Lip Tints That Are Pretty, Easy, and Hydrating

If you happened to dart into a beauty retailer recently, you might’ve noticed something. Alongside the boatload of matte lip finishes and liquid lipsticks, a different formula is taking hold. Gentle, easy lip tints and stains are hitting shelves left and right from brands as skin-friendly as Origins and as dramatic as Pat McGrath Labs. It’s not hard to see why: Lip tints combine the best parts of lip gloss and lipstick (shine, gorgeous color) without the downsides of either formula (stickiness, difficulty of application). And on top of that, they come in tons of shapes and forms. Whether it’s the gorgeous, sheer colors of Essence and the options of Dior, or the glisten of CoverGirl’s and the juicy, tinted lip oils of Lâncome, one way or the other, your lips end up with a wash of natural color, and hydrated to boot. Ahead, find the best lip tints out there.

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