13 Megastars Who Should Join The Fast And Furious Family After F9

    Dave Bautista

    With the Fast & Furious franchise set to come to its rip-roaring end with its 10th installment (or eleventh, depending on whether or not you could the spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw), there are a lot of actors who want in on the pie. Nevertheless, Dave Bautista isn’t one of them. When asked if he wanted to part of the franchise on social media, his response was, well … less-than-enthusiastic. Yet, the professional wrestler/Guardians of the Galaxy actor has certainly surprised us in the past. With The Rock and John Cena involved in the series, it wouldn’t be out-of-the-question to get Bautista involved. But it would probably take some convincing, which might be difficult. Nevertheless, if the muscle-bound actor gets involved, his mix of action experience and comedy chops would play to the franchise’s advantage. Some folks want him to play a villain, but I’d rather see Bautista work his magic in the Toretto family.

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