13 Best Shaving Creams for Women 2020

    As far as beauty products go, the best shaving cream for women is admittedly not something we spend as much time deliberating over as, say, a new serum or face mask. But if you shave, know that there are definitely a select few options that win out over the others. The finalists that ultimately made it onto our list of must-haves are ones formulated with something extra. Whether that means tailoring the ingredients list toward sensitive skin types or emulsifying from gel to milk (and yes, there’s a specific benefit for that), these shaving creams do way more than just foam up and ward off razor burn.

    To make them even easier to shop, we’ve separated them by category, so you know which options will work best for your skin type and concerns—like, for instance, your bikini area or underarms. Read on for a detailed breakdown of the best shaving cream for women.

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