12 Best Facial Hair Removal Products for Women 2020

Just like body hair, facial hair is something most of us have. And our perspective on facial hair removal mirrors exactly how we feel about body hair removal; it should be entirely your choice, like any other decision. Societal pressure has had a history of strongly influencing that choice for many, but the conversation surrounding the agency we have over our appearances has also progressed.

So for those who want to know more about the best facial hair removal products for women—including at-home tweezing, waxing, or dermaplaning options—keep reading. There are plenty of tools and devices to choose from in 2020, like brow artist-designed tweezers that catch every single hair and gentle razors that are ideal for those with sensitive skin. To get the best picks for every method and price point, we asked beauty editors to weigh in on their all-time favorites. Below, the 12 best facial hair removal products that easily beat out a salon appointment.

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