11 Great Basketball Movies And Where To Stream Or Rent Them Online

Space Jam (1996)

Released 24 years ago, the insane pairing of Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes in Space Jam is still something that is talked about in 2020. When the 1996 live action/animation crossover hit Netflix in March 2020, people went absolutely mad on social media where they compared certain plot points to what’s happening to the world right now. Upon its release, the film featured Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time and Bugs Bunny, who could be considered the greatest character in the history of cartoons, and some ridiculous basketball. Add a cast that includes some of the biggest NBA stars of the time losing their powers, Bill Murray randomly being friends with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, and Danny DeVito playing an evil alien businessman, and you have a wonky, absurd movie, and I love it.

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