11 Best Yoga Pants in 2020, According to Yoga Instructors

Finding the best yoga pants is as satisfying as falling asleep in Shavasana. Because whether you spend your mornings performing four or five Sun Salutations, or just need a pair to lounge in while watching the new season of You, the perfect yoga pant is a notoriously elusive closet essential.

You need leggings that won’t roll down your waist, aren’t too sheer, and don’t squeeze you like a stress ball. Plus, the technology involved in modern-day yoga pants is a far cry from the simple cotton ones of decades past—now there are moisture-wicking materials to keep the sweat at bay in a heated room and stretch fibers to keep your waistband from folding as you move through poses. Add in a million options for styles, cuts, and patterns and things can start feeling very un-zen.

So we went to the experts—real women who teach yoga—to find out what they actually wear when practicing…or running errands. From tried-and-true Lululemon leggings to new favorites from Carbon38 and some seriously comfy borrowed-from-the-boys sweats, check out their recommendations for the best yoga pants, below.

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