11 Best Red and Pink Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall

Eyeshadow and I used to have a very simple relationship. I would see a palette of brown neutrals, fall in love, and hold onto it for the rare nights that felt like they deserved a full-on look. Then Fenty’s shadow primer came into my life, and my horizons expanded—right up to cherry eyeshadow, the “everywhere” color of fall 2018.

I was skeptical originally. When Urban Decay first dropped the news that it was releasing a cherry-themed Naked palette, my first thought was admittedly, “Why?” But with brands like Tom Ford and KKW Beauty also on board, and the burgeoning trend of burgundy, dark cherry, and plum eyeshadow on the runway, there’s a case to start considering cherry a neutral—or at least a strong contender to bronze.

Images of the UD palette looked pretty, but mystifying for my neutrals-loving self. The set of twelve colors ranges from matte peach, to copper, to ruddy violet and shimmery grape. Not one felt like the approachable brown I was used to. Yet deep in my heart, I felt the call of a challenge: to road test all the best cherry eyeshadow palettes and report back on what actually felt wearable. Not only did I come back obsessed with the color range—I came back with options. Here are all the best plays off cherry this season.

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