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There’s A Wild Theory Ben Affleck Dyed His Hair To Look Younger For Ana De Armas

First of all, is the age gap to blame or the fact he could finally get his hair done again to blame for the new look? As evidence to the latter, we need look no further than The Way Back, one of the few movies that did hit theaters in 2020 before the shutdown and one featuring Ben Affleck as a total drunk for much of its runtime. Despite having no personal life outside of drinking activities and a plethora of grey hair as that character, Ben Affleck’s beard looks pretty dark. That, combined with his newly dark-haired look following his grayer beard earlier in quarantine indicates to me he typically throws a little dye in that beard routine. If that’s true, there’s no shame in that, but it also means it probably has nothing to do with impressing Ana de Armas, who I’m sure sees him with bedhead and stinky breath sometimes.

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