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The Rise Of Denzel Curry In Five Songs

Curry let Ta13oo simmer for just shy of 11 months before returning to the fray with ZUU, his fourth studio album. If what he revealed to Fader is true — that the entire LP was freestyled — then first single “Ricky” is the work of a mastermind. It’s named after his father, to whom it pays tribute and is reflected in the cover art.

In the song, Carol City isn’t hellishly depicted like Opa-Locka. Instead, it’s the setting where his guardians instill their life lessons in him. Curry’s dad tells him, “Trust no man but your brothers.” His mother says, “Trust no ho, use a rubber.” Throughout the tune, we leave his childhood cul-de-sac and find power in his past. After all, the tribulations he’s faced throughout his life have certainly strengthened his position in the rap space, as well as his comfort within himself.

Curry’s career continues to push further inward as he becomes more comfortable and familiar with personal experimentation. He continues to show that his next move will always be more calculated than his last — something that likely puts continued mainstream success in his sights.

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