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The Best Nail Trends & Colors for Summer 2019

As soon as the temperature climbs above 70 degrees, it can be tempting to jump straight into neon nail polish. But while we love a bright color as much as anyone else, might we suggest taking your nails up a notch? Summer is the perfect time to really go for it with your manicure—you’ll be wearing less layers, so it’s a chance to use your fingers as an extra accessory. Plus, a boost of (safe, sun-free) color might inspire you to try a shade you wouldn’t always reach for in the dead of winter. So feel free to dive into the nail ideas we’ve been stockpiling from our favorite celebrity nail artists and salons. From subtle gradients (rainbow nails are everything right now) to classic French tips to full-on butterflies, there’s a little something for every taste and skill level. Scroll on for the best nail trends for summer 2019—and yes, we did include a few neon options.

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